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[Chuncheon] ~ People and Tree Colors at Nami Island

I am no fan of crowd, except when there is too much color  — 10.25.14


Nami Collage

Second day started early as I went off-Seoul for the Gapyeong City Tour which for only 5 thousand won (roughly 250 pesos) gave me access to various stops around town. First stop at this island famous for its being a location shoot for a Korean drama which was aired years back. Initially did not how place to me is way too tourist-y and crowded but later on loved its festive vibe, not only due to the many colors but also with quite a range of people roaming around – from fellow foreign tourists to local families and barkadas to professional photographers to people having some team activities on those vast fields covered in fallen leaves. Everyone’s busy-ness to me is amusing, especially in trying best to enjoy and capture what which on that morning we all had to share.

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[Seoul] ~ Dog Cafe? Check!

People strangers are fascinating, so are dogs.. – 10.24.14


Dog Cafe

I promised myself I would go back to South Korea to see it on its every season so by October last year, I was back for my autumn visit. I had only half a day on the first so I did not have anything solid to-do in mind. It turned out to be a fun day with a first visit to a café where over beer spent slightly more than an hour watching dogs laze, pee and join the mob toward guests with food to share. Only one in many was friendly to me that I got so excited I took quite more than enough ‘selfies’ and even had some courage to ask a fellow guest take a picture of us.

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[Seoul] ~ Firsts on my last day

For on my last day, there were firsts. – 03.25.13


20130327_180031-smallI originally intended my last day in Seoul to be lazy as I realize I would not want to go somewhere far. I was paranoid with being late at the airport so I decided I had to be there 3 hours before the flight and that means leaving my guesthouse at around 5PM. (When I told my friend about this, he was like, “are you going shopping?” Haha. Other guests at my accommodation were surprised as well.)

The ‘plan’ for the day was to spend time in a cute cafe. I have read in a blog many weeks back about this cute cafe called Lazy Cat Cafe in Hapjeong so I decided to spend my lazy day there. But before that, there was a place I had to go back to because I knew I just had to remember. Of the many places I intended to see, it has been my thing for the past days that I could not see it. But this place, for the first time in this trip, I looked for it and found it – without getting lost. It was such a wonderful feeling I have to say.

Last Day

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