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[Siem Reap] ~ Temple Hop and World Gone Shut on Day that’s Last

For it was both a day of rush and slow motion. –04.20.14


Siem Reap 2

It was a day when I was supposed to go visit what they say one should not miss when visiting Siem Reap – the Angkor Archaeological Park. It is solely for this reason that I decided to give this a go because having gone to temple grounds in some previous country visits, I realized that my heart belongs little to such compared to aimless wandering and ‘immersing’ myself in the mundane and ordinary. I was mainly prepared to tons of unwanted walking, water loss and crowd but had unexpected appreciation of this touristy attraction. A day I thought would be all-rush also ended with quite too much chill in the afternoon. Thanks to that happy (or since I already tried one the previous day, happier) pizza. Well, it was 420 Day after all.

I always say that my last day in every trip involves some kind of heartbreak as it most of time felt like breaking up with someone you had a hell-of-a-ride passionate short-lived affair with. Strangely for this trip, tourist busy-ness at such early time of day and grogginess a few hours before end of day that ‘saved’ me from that heartbreak.

P.S. And forgive the title. Seriously, there has to be some rhyme?

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[Siem Reap] ~ Streets of pubs, happy pizza, fish tickle and happy people

Varied kinds of happiness all reachable by feet.  – 04.19.14


It was a day in this city I did not expect to be memorable as it is more an interim to an expectedly long day at the temples the following day. Little did I know that wandering in places near my hostel could bring out different kinds of happy.

Siem Reap 1

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[Phnom Penh]~ Why was it just a Day?

—- There is a trite saying that “forever is not enough”, what more a day? – 04.18.14


Each city in this trip has its own lovely but it is Phnom Penh that I fell in love with immediately. It was a city/town that reminded me a lot about Dumaguete, not only because of the tuktuk which I find similar to latter’s pedicab, but more so as it seemed a quiet town filled with more than enough interesting small shops and places where could hang-out. Despite some bad points in its history, there is this warmth and trust that I instinctively felt from the locals despite sadly limited encounters. Nonetheless sharing with you some stories and pictures of that almost one day in a place I would definitely go back to.

Phnom Penh

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