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[Kota Kinabalu] ~ Around Town in Half-Day

A town so small everything was walkable. – 08.22.14


It was a day of a must in every trip – hours of feet abuse (yes, even in countries with unforgiving heat). What was different with this town is how I found myself in one charmingly small one it amused me that I unintentionally was at places I set out to see. There was too many “oh there it is” moments from that graffiti building to that clock tower to those markets, food plazas and drink places. Also, for someone with a terrible sense of direction (if any), it was another relief that as long as I know where the sea is (and the sea in its bigness, is quite a landmark, right?) – there is always a place to go back to whenever I find myself lost somewhere.

KK Day 1

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[Phnom Penh]~ Why was it just a Day?

—- There is a trite saying that “forever is not enough”, what more a day? – 04.18.14


Each city in this trip has its own lovely but it is Phnom Penh that I fell in love with immediately. It was a city/town that reminded me a lot about Dumaguete, not only because of the tuktuk which I find similar to latter’s pedicab, but more so as it seemed a quiet town filled with more than enough interesting small shops and places where could hang-out. Despite some bad points in its history, there is this warmth and trust that I instinctively felt from the locals despite sadly limited encounters. Nonetheless sharing with you some stories and pictures of that almost one day in a place I would definitely go back to.

Phnom Penh

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