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[Taiwan] ~ Taipei morning in temple and plaza

 A surprisingly good one spent on a temple and a plaza – 02.20.16

Couldn’t remember exactly why but this was a city I wanted to revisit. My revisit February from last year was a discovery on what is interesting with the city and other places accessible via trains and buses.

This is about the trip kick-off – a surprisingly calming moment at a temple despite not being a spiritual person followed by fascination at vastness in a plaza.

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[Camiguin, Philippines] ~ 1,322 Steps around Mantigue Island

 Where there is no getting lost in walking – 11.28.15

This trip over the long weekend kicked off with straight-from-airport visit to an island called MANTIGUE so small like Potipot I walked and counted my steps around it – 1,322 in total at pace from 1:19 in the afternoon until about 2 (and okay, I got lazy recording the actual end time). Seabed was grassy (some area even had sea urchins!) but amazingly clear that I still did wade. It was a brief day trip but managed to squeeze in about an hour of snorkeling from a spot not so far from shore, not without a guide, of course.

I wish I had more than a day – a night at least to camp there (which sadly is not allowed) but okay, still quite a day to remember.

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[Bangkok] ~ In Bangkok, I again walked

Last days are always heartbreaking. Goodbye to a short-lived love affair, Bangkok. – 10.21.13


IMG_9148Spent my second and last day with an early morning walk around some non-touristy nowhere followed by ‘tour’ around the maze that is Chatuchak Market. What followed was more encounter with temples, Buddhas and history in Bangkok National Museum then spent a lazy afternoon people-watching and listening to music at the pier with Wat Arun on view. A few hours before saying goodbye to a happy weekend, loaded myself with last two bottles of Chang Beer and chill reggae music at Rambuttri.

BKK Day 2 collage

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