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[Manila, Philippines] ~ Wolf and Bear Cafe

For someone like me who couldn’t take care of a pet dog – because of studio regulation and space limitations as well as my inability to commit to take care, I find my temporary refuge in pet cafes.

My first experience was an accidental one in Korea a few years back – in a place called Bau House. Despite dogs’ general dislike for me, it was such a memorable experience that I did it again – luckily without having to go back abroad as Manila has been catching on the fun of having dog and cat cafes. My most recent visit is to a joint pet cafe of dogs and Bengal cats – a place I discovered as it is near my favorite beer place in Cubao Expo.

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[Katipunan, Quezon City] ~ Much barking and playing at Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

 An enjoyable afternoon of play that is far from chill — 05.25.15


It was another time at a dog cafe (first was in Seoul – also my first animal cafe experience)  one Sunday afternoon. A cafe I have heard of months ago since it opened late in 2014, it was only then that I finally had time to go see what is first in the Philippines.

BARKIN’ BLENDS DOG CAFE is located in a university area – one that is close to my heart as I used to be spending my days there when I was in college. Having said that, apart from spending time with the dogs, I was extra excited with having to visit something familiar.

The cafe opens at 12noon and since it is on a first come, first serve basis, I tried to be one of the earliest birds. One as when I came, there were already some guests. The area is divided into Humans Only and Dogs  Zones, quite expectedly I spent most of the time in the latter.

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[Manila] ~ An Afternoon with the Lazies at Cat Cafe Manila

Because everyone deserves a lazy afternoon – 05.16.15


Cat Cafe Manila

I love cats (and dogs, too) but I seem to not have the aura of the kind of human that they naturally / instinctively gravitate to. That, however, did not stop me from wanting to visit as many dog, cat or whatever else animal cafes.

My first cat cafe experience happened in Korea but my visit to Cat Cafe Manila was worth telling, not only because it is one of the first cat cafes in the Philippines, it is also uniquely home because it takes care of puspins (pusang Pinoy) instead of the ones with breed.

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[Manila] ~ Stories at this year’s Cinemalaya

For we each have a story to tell. — 07.27.13


Being a fan of films that are Filipino, this independent film festival is one of the things I always look forward to every year. Although I feel it is becoming more and more mainstream each year, I could not deny the fact that this event still draws me in.

I vividly remember last year when I was so sick (and I rarely get sick!) and yet I chose to drag myself out of bed despite my weakly state and unfriendly rainy weather just to watch Ang Nawawala. Fast forward to today and I was not sick but I dared to do movie marathon by getting a Day Pass to see maximum of five films one fine Saturday. First screening at 10 in the morning is a collection of New Breed short films. I came with a friend and it was matter of decision between Shorts A or B and we chose B. She came in a lot so we had to take different seats. What followed were full-length features until around 11PM.

The filmmakers’ intent could well be different but here I shall spill some own thoughts on almost all entries I have seen.


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[Manila] ~ A Midsummer Night’s Reunion

The summer night skies are peppered with stars, distant and unreachable; a characteristic that leads strength  to its dreamlike quality. In the same sense, the artworks presented here in this exhibit are in many ways dreamlike, almost illusory. These works by noted artists are  identified with that luster – invisible to many, but present nonetheless. – A Midsummer Night’s Reunion


I am no art expert but I am fond of visiting exhibits whenever I come across one that seems interesting. A recent one I visited was the contemporary art exhibit in Korean Cultural Center in Manila. Entitled A Midsummer Night’s Reunion, on display are few but somewhat interesting works by Filipino and Korean artists.

ImageExhibit runs from May 17 – July 31, 2013

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