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“Potipot Alone Travel”

I have been doing some exploration of features of WordPress and came across this part wherein they show you which search strings led to your page. I’ve got very few but I was ‘touched’ by this tag on “Potipot alone travel”.

I do hope that person who searched for that found inspiration from my entry on what to me is one of my most peaceful beach trips. And this good news right on time when it has almost been a year since I was first there. See entry here. 

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[Magalawa Island, Palauig] : Lazy Weekend

For each beach has a character, this an island of contradictions.




Weekend spent in this island, which I said is one of contradictions with its interesting history of land dispute yet it is inhabited by an adorably protective community of beach dogs (two of which we shared our junk breakfast with), fishing community friendliest to non-locals and based on our experience, best neighbor guests generously giving us background music that are versions of Eraserheads songs. While we have proven that the reviews are true that the land is also home to those insects called “anik-anik” and maybe some sand creatures too, this beach trip I could say is worth it. I rarely comment about the water and the sand so I wanted to share more of the vibe which made us just unusually lazy that weekend in our spot by the hammock we attached to this tree with seemingly trapped spirits. Read up for more stories and snapshots!

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[Pundaquit, San Antonio] : Beach Again, Finally!

For an introvert traveler, this weekend is precious. – 09.06-07.14



Weekend that Allen finally got his dose of beach and that customary 24/7 booze when in one of our favorite places (and yes, while it was always RockOn that was in the photos, he wasn’t one who drank it all). It was a quick but recharging a day and half of talk, drink and eat (yep, even for Allen) with friends new and not-so-new as well as bipolar weather that kind of matches, well, (ahem!) our tendencies.

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[Zambales] ~ About love of beach, beer and buddy in San Felipe

For it was a weekend  of  my favorite whats and who. — 02.22-23.14


IMG_9629It was supposed to be a trip with someone with an odd trip – we go to same place but not really be together. In our words, a “walang pakialamanan” (we-shall-not-care-about-each-other) weekend. It was a bit of a crazy idea but I guess as we are both ‘beach-tune-out’ persons, we were at that time just a little bit possessive and ungenerous of our sanctuaries we did not want anyone to invade it. Little did I know that what sounded like an unsound plan had a more surprising insane ending.

San Felipe

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