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[Liwliwa, Zambales] ~ A Revisit to a Start

A retrace to where we were almost a year ago. And a celebration of where we are now. 01.31-02.01.15



It was a weekend where we were first together literally and were together officially.

We’ve been wanting to go back to this place in gratefulness of its sentimental to us but schedule got messed up that we had to be there a month in advance our first year. Interestingly close to a reenactment of the first – we arrived separately and had the right mix of moments together and apart; this again over beer, lazy beach dogs, sunset, stars and early morning cold.

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[Pundaquit, San Antonio] : Beach Again, Finally!

For an introvert traveler, this weekend is precious. – 09.06-07.14



Weekend that Allen finally got his dose of beach and that customary 24/7 booze when in one of our favorite places (and yes, while it was always RockOn that was in the photos, he wasn’t one who drank it all). It was a quick but recharging a day and half of talk, drink and eat (yep, even for Allen) with friends new and not-so-new as well as bipolar weather that kind of matches, well, (ahem!) our tendencies.

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[Zambales] ~ About love of beach, beer and buddy in San Felipe

For it was a weekend  of  my favorite whats and who. — 02.22-23.14


IMG_9629It was supposed to be a trip with someone with an odd trip – we go to same place but not really be together. In our words, a “walang pakialamanan” (we-shall-not-care-about-each-other) weekend. It was a bit of a crazy idea but I guess as we are both ‘beach-tune-out’ persons, we were at that time just a little bit possessive and ungenerous of our sanctuaries we did not want anyone to invade it. Little did I know that what sounded like an unsound plan had a more surprising insane ending.

San Felipe

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