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“Potipot Alone Travel”

I have been doing some exploration of features of WordPress and came across this part wherein they show you which search strings led to your page. I’ve got very few but I was ‘touched’ by this tag on “Potipot alone travel”.

I do hope that person who searched for that found inspiration from my entry on what to me is one of my most peaceful beach trips. And this good news right on time when it has almost been a year since I was first there. See entry here. 

Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 5.44.09 PM

[Zambales] ~ 1,647 Steps around Potipot Island

Time is a measure, so are steps. – 01.31-02.01.14


I knew I could not forgive myself if I let the first long weekend of 2014 without going anywhere. Potipot was an impulsive decision but it was the perfect kick-off to a year of wander.


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