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[Phuket] ~ Waiting for Planes At Nai Yang

Last day of plane-watching and plain bumming around — 04.05.15


Nai Yang Decision to make this beach my last stop was hinged on a specific purpose – to make sure that I get to my extra morning flight without the panic. That turned out not only practical as this was where I had the laziest time and at times otherwise, my less bum mode time was spent taking a walk on the national park wherein I discovered spots on the beach where locals hang out or store-hopping to get whatever take-home I could find.

Quite a thrill for me too whenever a plane would pass by as I could not help but imagine its passengers probably looking down while I was looking up. Also magical how it would disappear at some point. Or maybe it is just me being fascinated with planes that I managed to walk quite a distance just to get as near as I could to where the planes take off.

The next day I was on that plane. It was just too early that most likely, no one at the beach was looking.

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[Phuket] ~ Strangely Sad of a Beach in Kamala

Most beautiful sunset and sunrise in a rather gloomy place – beach with character indeed.  04-04.15



Among the beaches, Kamala Beach has got to be where I had the strangest feelings. I arrived just right before an unexpectedly beautiful sunset with just the right amount of crowd (including photoshoot of to-be-wed couples) yet the place had some gloom I could not quite explain that I could barely finished a bottle of beer on my night there. That sadness may have been reason why it was only until this beach that it started to sink on me that this country has had this tsunami almost a decade ago and for some strange reason, I was having these dead people and town thoughts before going to bed.

Nonetheless still had good memories of that distinctly round sun, not only during sunset but surprisingly, also during sunrise and this quick chat with a Filipino (finally! not just some locals who I happened to look alike with) in this restaurant where I enjoyed a spicy fruit salad.

There is a first anywhere; and I have always believed that only good feelings happen when I am at the beach. But in this beach, I was just strangely sad. Quite a turnaround from the high at Phi Phi but each place has got to leave its mark, right? Or maybe I should have stayed longer.

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[Ko Phi Phi] ~ Walk, Wade and Other Favorite Things

What is not to love with an island where there is no option but walk  – 04.03-04.15


Phi Phi

Despite my not-so-convenient experience finding my temporary home in this island, I got to say this is my favorite from this trip leg. An island that is all-walk, a stand-out blue and calm water, crowd when you need them and someplace when you don’t, an option to splurge or go cheap with beer — it’s no wonder I felt happiest in here.

Although deprived of a plankton tour, I still managed to score a half-day trip with an island of monkeys which I realize to be universal source of cuteness (because while others may have thought it strange of me taking ‘selfies’ with monkeys, they took one themselves anyway), an encounter with location shoot of a favorite movie, an unexpected trail via Loh Sa Ma Bay, realization that I could have this sideline being a photographer to snorkeling people and this shallowness at finding enjoyment in varied shapes set against the water

Click more for more of my stories at Phi Phi!

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[Ko Lanta] : Taking the Less Travelled, When Rocks Betray in Klong Nin

With a quite scary sea, it was lazy beach time for me– 04.02.15


Klong Nin

A 20-minute tuktuk ride took me to a relatively more secluded beach called KLONG NIN with waters that scared the hell out of me the first time with its suddenly steep bed and unpredictable rocks. These rocks were revealed to be quite many during the latter part of the afternoon when tide got low. Nonetheless found a spot where I could swim but with some kind of curfew at only about noon.

It was then more of a lazy day at the beach (finally had time to read!), some walking in the midst of heat and stopping by at bars to chill a bit until sundown. Night spent on a beach chair with the water now near the shore before calling it a night before next day’s early goodbye.

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[Ko Lanta] ~ Taking the Less Traveled, Enjoying Phra Ae’s Soft Waves

  Who would not love a place with waves I can play with – 04.01.15



A place that reminded me of the southern part of Zambales except the waves, this place called Phra Ae / Long Beach was my first of first hop in Koh Lanta. With just the right amount of waves, spent most of my day on water and occasionally out to cool with beer and people-watch other travelers either as families or solo ones reading or just being lazy while getting their tan (which my version of darkness I already acquired as early as the previous day).

Latter during the day was when I found out this interesting nightlife this place has as the bars seemingly have this agreement that only one bar in the area would hold an ‘event’ for the night (which at that time was my hostel’s bar Treehouse). ‘Event’ happened on the latter part of night though as in previous, it again rained and there was even black-out in the entire area which drove me to talk with my roommate whose fear reminded me that we were in an area once struck by tsunami.

Last hours in the area the following day spent walking around the area’s early quiet, which included this discovery a hostel just right across mine that looks as interesting as The Circle as well as a simple Thai pancake breakfast carinderia style before finally negotiating a tuktuk ride off to the next beach on the southern end of Lanta.

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[Krabi and Phuket] ~ Hop across Versions of Sand and Sea

Probably my longest alone travel yet, spent days hopping across different beaches in this country’s Andaman side. Literally changing beaches (and hostels!) each day with my overpacked bag under the heat from the sun that’s stronger than home, it was the least of the typically desired chill beach trip. To me however, it is still a fun way to do some scanning to help me decide which areas to eventually go back to to spend more days on.

Still sorting out photos all over my camera and phone but initially sharing an amateur take on each of the beaches I’ve set foot on. Amateur, yes because while alone travel forces one to be more observant, it is not an instinct I own and I just tend to stick with the random ‘realizations’ when going places. Or maybe if you haven’t been there yet, time to go see for yourself then!
Screen shot 2015-04-09 at 8.36.03 AM

Photo map not mine. Stolen from divingasiapacific.com. 

[Bangkok] ~ In Bangkok, I again walked

Last days are always heartbreaking. Goodbye to a short-lived love affair, Bangkok. – 10.21.13


IMG_9148Spent my second and last day with an early morning walk around some non-touristy nowhere followed by ‘tour’ around the maze that is Chatuchak Market. What followed was more encounter with temples, Buddhas and history in Bangkok National Museum then spent a lazy afternoon people-watching and listening to music at the pier with Wat Arun on view. A few hours before saying goodbye to a happy weekend, loaded myself with last two bottles of Chang Beer and chill reggae music at Rambuttri.

BKK Day 2 collage

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