[Ao Nang] ~ Joining the Tourist Frenzy during the Four Islands Tour

For there’s enjoyment in sharing what is lovely – 03.31.15



A bright day of longtail boat rides, people, sea and limestone karsts at Koh Tup

Read more to see other Krabi islands!

My second day for this trip (first day spent in airports and in town) was spent joining other tourists in the one of the more common tours called Four Islands Tour, a part of my itinerary which I impulsively booked the night before. It was a convenient option for me as I had the chance to go on tour while having my transfer already from the town to Ao Nang where I was booked on my second day. (I initially intended to catch a songthaew but this plan sounded less complicated at an amount that does not hurt as much at 500 baht so goodbye to that).

Off to Krabi town as early as 8 in the morning and in less than an hour, I found myself with the crowd spending quick hops at the beaches. My skin got burned as early as the second island but it was but an exciting time as I got to watch most and talk to few people (including this couple who accused me of visiting because I was spying on Thai beaches and seeing how it compares to ours in the Philippines 😀 ) .  With the crowd, it was a trick to learn but managed to zone out from the rest of the people at times to enjoy random scenes I find lovely.


Other non-locals who availed of Barracuda Tours

(They were not necessarily on the same tour as I am though)



We were dropped in this area opposite the beach area where we were given stickers. Also where I had my bag ‘checked in’



I just had to take this photo as I was one of few who actually wore a life vest. That and I got a purple one too!



Our tour guide who had his speech ready in different languages most of us were amused


First stop of the tour is at PHRA NANG CAVE which is a place in Railay Beach dedicated to a feminine goddess named Phra Nang. It was a detail I vaguely knew prior to going there but a quick read now as I write made me realize the most probable reason behind those phallic-shaped statues and candles in the cave. It is place of visit among tourists who were restlessly taking their snapshots. Nonetheless and I think it is a good thing that there are some people (either locals or not) who are actually offering their prayer at the altar / shrine.

If I remember correctly, we were given about 30 minutes to ‘explore’ the place. It was not enough / (“bitin”) for me so I just did my best to capture as much as I can.


Where to?



Closer view of the cave from our boat



Taken because I had to remember our boat which was docked about 5 minutes of walk from the cave



Oh hello there, people! And is it just me or is that some woman ‘carving’ in there?



Couple wearing couple outfit spotted! 



This view of some twin karst is seen on the shore right in front of the shrine in the cave



A wider view essentially shows more people on the island



Zoom farther out and there is another island



On the left when facing the shrine is this rock-climbing area. Can you spot the brave soul already high up?



On the lower right of climbing area is this yet another shrine of.. well. phallic-shaped objects



And there were more in the area beside the altar



Because a place of worship, this should be



Is it called a selfie when there are ‘photobombs’? And in this case, who are ‘standing’ on your head? 😀


Yep. Because I was not alone in this place



Fortunately, there was this quick chance at an empty shrine



… but these people are just still somewhere



Indeed, a woman!



Goodbye cave and cave people


Second destination for this tour was at this other island called TUP/THAP that is between Koh Poda and Koh Chicken. With sand that is fine and the lack of shade in the bigger part of the island, this is an excellent spot for sunbathing. What I specially love though is how there is to see 36o degrees the island. When I tried wading in the water, I happened to see some fish too!

An hour was quickly spent in this island that I was rarely able to explore. But then again, with the sun that up when I was there, it was a relief to some extent.

20150331_112558Another busy island, right?



On this side where the boats dock



Odd cuts.

(One of my panic photos. Accidentally taken while trying to capture most)



Notice the sea of sunbathers?



I wonder what’s on the other side



My spot. And see I was taking advantage of the heat? Drying clothes? Really now, Teng?



Pretty much what sums up that day for for me. Boats, limestone karsts, people and sea.

That island from a distance is called Mor Island, apparently walkable from Tup if tide is low.



Different waves of protecting selves from the heat of the sun



While others bathed in it


20150331_113626When strangers have that souvenir photo you could not have



Some shade. Practically, also the spot where people eat

(Our tour had free meals, I believe. I just did not bother to avail).



For a while I panicked because saw our boat that far I thought I was left behind




Bye, people at Tup


Third destination was not really an island but a spot near this so-called CHICKEN ISLAND where people could snorkel. There was a life jacket and snorkeling gear for use but since I was scared of drowning alone and in a foreign country (not that it is okay if that happens when with someone and in my own. Howkey I shall shut up), I just spent time enjoying the fishes and the other tourists playing with them.


All this time I thought this was the Chicken Island but I googled it now and it isn’t. Whoa. What could this island be? No wonder I was never convinced this looks like a chicken

Apparently, Chicken Island is the island beside this. I was genius. 😀



Maybe this is Chicken Island! I was just too close






I wish I am one of them



Even our tour guide went to enjoy



People fishes



We had to pass under that space. No need to bow our heads 




Just so we see everything



Do-what-you-want kind of place



Good kind of blue! 






Closest encounter I could have but this got me giddy



Panoramic version while  wading


IMG_9921Was that another duo wearing couple shirt?



This island’s sort of pier



And there is no way I get what they say here



And I could not be mistaken that that island was indeed Poda



Free watermelons! 



Which were bestsellers! 



When tour over, this chitchat among them



Booked a tour for 500 baht via my hostel Pak-Up in Krabi Town. Mine was called Barracuda Tours.

A songthaew picked me up from my hostel and upon arrival at this area near Ao Nang beach, we were given stickers that are color-coded to indicate which tour we are taking. I was carrying my backpack then but I left it at a counter. It did not get lost, nothing was gone missing so I thought that should be alright.

After the tour, crew would be waiting at the pier. They would ask for your hostel so they can bring you there. MIne was at Ao Nang but I am just not sure whether they have this option to take you if yours is still in Krabi town.

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