With the popularity of microblogs these days, I am having second thoughts whether I still need to work on my detailed entries for this blog. I just realized there are several venues where I share my stories – Facebook (of course still the most popular in the Philippines), in Instagram and just recently in Tumblr.

I am not sure though whether I am just becoming lazy or have just become disheartened by the backlog of entries or I am just slowly becoming more accepting of the change in medium that works, that is, actually get to be of help to those who are also interested to travel places.

So I shall think. And think again. Then we shall see whether this space needs a revamp.

[Ko Lanta] ~ Taking the Less Traveled, Enjoying Phra Ae’s Soft Waves

  Who would not love a place with waves I can play with – 04.01.15



A place that reminded me of the southern part of Zambales except the waves, this place called Phra Ae / Long Beach was my first of first hop in Koh Lanta. With just the right amount of waves, spent most of my day on water and occasionally out to cool with beer and people-watch other travelers either as families or solo ones reading or just being lazy while getting their tan (which my version of darkness I already acquired as early as the previous day).

Latter during the day was when I found out this interesting nightlife this place has as the bars seemingly have this agreement that only one bar in the area would hold an ‘event’ for the night (which at that time was my hostel’s bar Treehouse). ‘Event’ happened on the latter part of night though as in previous, it again rained and there was even black-out in the entire area which drove me to talk with my roommate whose fear reminded me that we were in an area once struck by tsunami.

Last hours in the area the following day spent walking around the area’s early quiet, which included this discovery a hostel just right across mine that looks as interesting as The Circle as well as a simple Thai pancake breakfast carinderia style before finally negotiating a tuktuk ride off to the next beach on the southern end of Lanta.

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[Ao Nang] ~ Walk along a Small Karst-surrounded Town

Serves mainly as base to lovelies but this place has a charm its own – 03.31-04.01.15


It was merely a jump-off point to the islands nearby but this small town had its character with it being surrounded by those limestone karsts. Its beach a so-so but nonetheless a venue to sight people and  the islands that are near yet actually far. Here’s to share random encounters with anything on such town – one rainy afternoon until night and that morning when I was doing walking, one of my favorites when travelling.

Ao Nang Town

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