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[Ao Nang] ~ Walk along a Small Karst-surrounded Town

Serves mainly as base to lovelies but this place has a charm its own – 03.31-04.01.15


It was merely a jump-off point to the islands nearby but this small town had its character with it being surrounded by those limestone karsts. Its beach a so-so but nonetheless a venue to sight people and  the islands that are near yet actually far. Here’s to share random encounters with anything on such town – one rainy afternoon until night and that morning when I was doing walking, one of my favorites when travelling.

Ao Nang Town

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[Ao Nang] ~ Joining the Tourist Frenzy during the Four Islands Tour

For there’s enjoyment in sharing what is lovely – 03.31.15



A bright day of longtail boat rides, people, sea and limestone karsts at Koh Tup

Read more to see other Krabi islands!

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[Krabi and Phuket] ~ Hop across Versions of Sand and Sea

Probably my longest alone travel yet, spent days hopping across different beaches in this country’s Andaman side. Literally changing beaches (and hostels!) each day with my overpacked bag under the heat from the sun that’s stronger than home, it was the least of the typically desired chill beach trip. To me however, it is still a fun way to do some scanning to help me decide which areas to eventually go back to to spend more days on.

Still sorting out photos all over my camera and phone but initially sharing an amateur take on each of the beaches I’ve set foot on. Amateur, yes because while alone travel forces one to be more observant, it is not an instinct I own and I just tend to stick with the random ‘realizations’ when going places. Or maybe if you haven’t been there yet, time to go see for yourself then!
Screen shot 2015-04-09 at 8.36.03 AM

Photo map not mine. Stolen from divingasiapacific.com.