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[Cebu] ~ Bantayan in Sky and Sea

Sometimes all you have to do is jump and enjoy as much as what you can at sea  – 05.21-23.16

Skydive was the highlight for this trip but memorable extras would be spending a stormy night as lone guest in the resort and swimming in most number of fish so far in that shallow water.

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[Philippines] ~ Cebu in Beach and Camp at Basdaku, Moalboal

A trip with a lot uncaptured

>>>> 07.25-26.15


From bar-hopping in the city to this weekend of finding my spot in a no-shade beach and taking this impulsive decision to snorkel that day – an experience uncaptured but for this trip was when I was happiest.

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[Philippines] ~ Cebu in City, 07.23-24.15

One need not go very far to explore as much

>>>>>  07.23-24.15

Not my first time in Cebu City but it was first for me to ‘explore’ the city solo. I decided to spend it then walking around in search of a place for beer and music, which fortunately led to discovery of one which reminded me of one of my favorite places for gig in Manila.  Add to this impulsive dash to experience Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency.

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