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Fun with the Perfect Cone

For there are always surprisingly good surprises before goodbye.


This Albay city tour was not in Pop’s rough itinerary for this trip but since we felt we could squeeze in an activity before our 2PM trip back home, we decided it was a go for this one. First half of that day then spent at Five Views where there is view of peaks of the most famous Mayon Volcano as well as mountains of Malinao,  Masaraga, Iriga and Isarog, Lignon Hill where there is yet another view of Mayon as well as city of Legazpi, at postcard-famous Cagsawa Ruins then finally at its replica church in Daraga. 

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Family Weekend Celebration of Many, 06.12-13.15

Our so many things to celebrate on this island. – 06.12-13.15



Our tradition mid-year family trip is this time extra special in celebration of many – 30 years of Mother Goose and Pop, Pop’s day as a father and someone a year older (:D). With no particular itinerary, it was a weekend we managed to fill with tummy fill with that yummy buffet and room service meals, fun at the pool, long naps and meals at the comfort of our villa, singing while waiting for the rain to stop, standing not-so-tall in that amphitheater, that encounter with the staring lapu-lapu and other activities at sea. Continue reading Family Weekend Celebration of Many, 06.12-13.15