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[Negros Oriental] ~ Quiet white beach and pool in Zamboanguita

A day of water in calm sea and pool – 03.25.22

Came across this island when I was Googling for places to see in Negros Oriental. It is just my kind of beach and the fact that it is not as known as the other sites excited me.

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[SIQUIJOR] ~ Lazy and Crazy Days

I’ve been here before but the memories have faded so hey, here’s to second chances – 03.18-22.22

It’s not my first time in the province but for some reason, except for one rainy day ride around the island, skydiving and this nice bar called Monkey Business I liked hanging out in, I have vague memories of the vibe of the island especially of its beaches. Curious to as to how what I may forgotten, I decided to again go.
I had an open itinerary and I ended up extending my stay – even celebrating my 36th birthday there and doing again what I thought I was not prepared for again just yet.
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[Negros Oriental] ~ Monkeys, Rides and Leisure Walk in Santa Catalina

It was one of the farther and lesser known towns but a good call to go here for an encounter with free, sneaky monkeys, unique slides and calming walks – 03.17.22

Of the many places I wanted to go to around Negros, Santa Catalina was the farthest for travel time could be at 2 hours. However, it had the spot I was most excited about. (Monkeys!) It was just one destination I first knew in the area yet I was still willing to go there even after travelling for long. Thankfully though, fate gave me other spots to check out in this humble town.

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[Negros Oriental] ~ Small Town Happy Doses in Dumaguete

Dumaguete prides itself as a city with the charm of a town and it is with this trip that I understood further what it means. – 03.14-17.22

I’ve been celebrating my past 2 birthdays at home I said to self I cannot not be out of it for this year. I was looking at destinations and Dumaguete came to mind as I love its small town feel. That, plus a bit more research led me to other places in Negros Oriental I could explore nearby.
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[Siquijor] ~ Skydive again as if the first time

This started off as an itch to tick off something in some sort of bucket list but I ended up doing this for the fourth time because while everything else seems the same (jump, scream, land, repeat) – I keep on wanting to re-conquer the fear, re-hear the whoosh as the plane door opens and re-live the feeling of disorientation during the first few seconds of freefall.

Skydive quiet happy screams (March 20, 2022)
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[Philippines x Taiwan] ~ Airport (Mis)adventures

    Airport beyond departures and arrivals – 03.23-24.16

With Japan being more known for things other than beaches, my trip to Okinawa last year was something I looked forward to more. It was also a gift to self as I turn 3-0. But life sometimes has an odd play with us that this trip had its rough parts – from being a shortened one to unexpected delays and mishaps as I was checking in at the airport which made me miss my flight that I had to take a reroute.

That reroute took me back to Taiwan for a night – the very same airport I was in just the previous month – except that I had more time to discover that there can be more to this space beyond departures and arrivals.

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[Baguio]~ (Our) place of family tradition


At around the same time as last year, this was a weekend I fought for as Baguio has always been a family tradition with this being Mother Goose’ (my mother, obviously) favorite plus the fact that I missed celebration last year because of some unforeseen situation at the terminal.

We had no specific itinerary so day but spent time at the BOTANICAL GARDEN because it was closed the last time that we were there, meet with that big dog at MINES VIEW and ending the day with people at the “ukay-ukay” stalls at this NIGHT MARKET which closed a major road until the parents slept that my brother and I grabbed some beer at BOHEMIAN CAFE which was location shoot for a local film called That Thing Called Tadhana.

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[Palompon, Leyte] ~ 2,941 Steps around Kalanggaman Island


Where beauty, play and fragile meet – 02.06-08.16

Extra points I give to islands I can go around in n steps (others being Potipot and Mantigue) so it was a pleasant surprise when KALANGGAMAN turned out to be one even when what initially pulled me in is its promise of calm water and its interesting shape, hence its name.
Water turned out an interesting range of calm to with soft waves, not to mention amazingly clear against backdrop of skies with such play of colors during sunrise and sundown and starry black in between.
I find it cheesy to often use the word beautiful but this island is precisely that. What adds to its charm even is how it seems fragile as felt in how harsh the wind can be in that place at certain times of day. Apparently, there is so much more than its shape.


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