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[Palompon, Leyte] ~ 2,941 Steps around Kalanggaman Island


Where beauty, play and fragile meet – 02.06-08.16

Extra points I give to islands I can go around in n steps (others being Potipot and Mantigue) so it was a pleasant surprise when KALANGGAMAN turned out to be one even when what initially pulled me in is its promise of calm water and its interesting shape, hence its name.
Water turned out an interesting range of calm to with soft waves, not to mention amazingly clear against backdrop of skies with such play of colors during sunrise and sundown and starry black in between.
I find it cheesy to often use the word beautiful but this island is precisely that. What adds to its charm even is how it seems fragile as felt in how harsh the wind can be in that place at certain times of day. Apparently, there is so much more than its shape.


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Come again, Camiguin?

Experiencing the most known of Camiguin in a day  – 11.29.15

There’s a Filipino slang word called “lagari” which means hopping from one place to another. And if there’s a word to best describe my second day in Camiguin, that would have to be it – as that day I hopped to touristy places as early as sunrise in a SANDBAR to a COLD SPRINGS RESORT to more iconic landmarks such as the CHURCH RUINS and SUNKEN CEMETERY. Only pause was at sunset back at CAVES DIVE RESORT until off again to another spring, this time opposite of cold at ARDENT HOT SPRINGS RESORT.

It was a day of countless witnessed selfies, jump and wacky shots and Higher Being-knows-how-many people I have shared bodily fluids with but it was a day I had to ensure be packed and if only for that, those are all worth it.

For who knows when I will come again to Camiguin, right? (Okay, enough with the ‘joke’).

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[Bulubadiangan Island, Concepcion] ~ Camp on a Sandbar Island

A first to kill every time of day in a sandbar island – 05.02-03.15



Having spent the previous night in ILOILO CITY, took an early commute trip to CONCEPCION TOWN where I was suddenly an adopted member of family of four who I had to share boat with. (I was prepared for a thousand-peso damage with a solo boat ride to the sandbar but the helpful tourist office managed to score me a ride with other guests to island).

I was at the sandbar midday and from then on walked around finding good spots for sitting and ‘swimming’. When tide was low, I was given a treat of a resident little tour guide walking me through anything exposed with no water on, and quite forcibly encouraging me to play with their dogs whose version of play is quite brutal and involves biting, which was their kind of play as he said so. It was then time for sunset and hours of sleep so near the sea.

In the morning had an attempt to read but ended up finishing only one story, randomly picked one that involved boxing (timely for Pacman’s fight that day). Remaining hours in BULUBADIANGAN spent on the shifting sandbar –  called such because it apparently shifts depending on wind direction –  which finally, I was able to have by myself.

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