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[Negros Oriental] ~ Small Town Happy Doses in Dumaguete

Dumaguete prides itself as a city with the charm of a town and it is with this trip that I understood further what it means. – 03.14-17.22

I’ve been celebrating my past 2 birthdays at home I said to self I cannot not be out of it for this year. I was looking at destinations and Dumaguete came to mind as I love its small town feel. That, plus a bit more research led me to other places in Negros Oriental I could explore nearby.
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[Dumaguete] ~ Celebrating Birth Years

Crazy weekend that’s one of few when it’s no travel solo. – 03.8-10.14


Dumaguete Collage

I have exceptional love for introvert travelling but this was definitely a fun and ironically despite many “I-forgot-what-I-said” incidents, an unforgettable trip.

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[Dumaguete] ~ The Day We Say Goodbye

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.19.13


For I always say that being on your last day on every trip feels like being in a relationship that you can sense is about to end. Heartbreaking, yes. But somehow, you just have to make the most out of it.

Day 3 Collage

And in case of Dumaguete, here is how.


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