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[Dumaguete] ~ Celebrating Birth Years

Crazy weekend that’s one of few when it’s no travel solo. – 03.8-10.14


Dumaguete Collage

I have exceptional love for introvert travelling but this was definitely a fun and ironically despite many “I-forgot-what-I-said” incidents, an unforgettable trip.

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[Dumaguete] ~ The Day We Say Goodbye

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.19.13


For I always say that being on your last day on every trip feels like being in a relationship that you can sense is about to end. Heartbreaking, yes. But somehow, you just have to make the most out of it.

Day 3 Collage

And in case of Dumaguete, here is how.


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[Dumaguete] ~ Love is sweeter the second day around

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.18.13


Though tired and bruised, I remember waking up to a beautiful morning. My friend was still sound asleep when I woke up so I first decided to check my favorite view from the terrace. As of the previous day, that second day was supposed to be when we visit Siquijor. But realizing the pain our butts were feeling from the intense habal-habal ride, my friend and I decided to postpone it to next trip. We just agreed that it was food trip and a visit to that not-so-know hot spring my friend just googled on the Internet that day. Yes. We are planners and breakers like that.

DGT Day 2

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[Dumaguete] ~ Love at First Day

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.17.13


It was one of those trips that just came to me one night when I was drinking at home and texted a friend inviting her to go out but she said they were having some chill time in Dumaguete. I got reminded. It is not one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Philippines but I remember hearing lovely things about the place – like how there is some good nightlife and music scene in that quiet, little town.

It was indeed a quiet, little town – a lovable quiet, little town. And here let me share about that first sight.

Dumaguete 1 Summary

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