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[Seoul] ~ Firsts on my last day

For on my last day, there were firsts. – 03.25.13


20130327_180031-smallI originally intended my last day in Seoul to be lazy as I realize I would not want to go somewhere far. I was paranoid with being late at the airport so I decided I had to be there 3 hours before the flight and that means leaving my guesthouse at around 5PM. (When I told my friend about this, he was like, “are you going shopping?” Haha. Other guests at my accommodation were surprised as well.)

The ‘plan’ for the day was to spend time in a cute cafe. I have read in a blog many weeks back about this cute cafe called Lazy Cat Cafe in Hapjeong so I decided to spend my lazy day there. But before that, there was a place I had to go back to because I knew I just had to remember. Of the many places I intended to see, it has been my thing for the past days that I could not see it. But this place, for the first time in this trip, I looked for it and found it – without getting lost. It was such a wonderful feeling I have to say.

Last Day

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[Seoul] ~ Hongdae at Night

I have seen Hongdae in its quiet but I wanted to see it in its busiest as well – at night. ‘Sightseeing’ aside, I wanted to cross out a to-do in my – drink alone in a foreign land. I have always wanted to do that because I guess that would pretty much test my ability to take care of myself, not only in places I am familiar with but anywhere. So that night, after few hours of walking in the cold, I was so restless when I arrived at the guesthouse and I knew that I just could not forgive myself if I do not go out and at least give it a try.

So without having an idea where to go exactly and though it is already an hour before midnight, I decided to go to Hongdae to see whether there are gigs I can watch or go someplace where I can drink. My big camera has been almost a necklace for I was wearing it all the time since day 1 but for a change, I decided to leave that at home and just bring my phablet.

20130323_230150The stalls selling food and accessories were an addition during night time. 



I was wondering where the noise was coming from and turned out there were some youngsters playing in here. This is similar to what we Filipinos know as “perya”


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[Seoul] ~ Mix of Modern and Traditional in Leeum Samsung Art Museum

For there is beauty in making plans.. and breaking them. – 03.23.13


That day was originally meant for an out-of-Seoul trip to Gapyeong where I can see Nami Island, Garden of Morning Calm and Petite France. But my ‘always getting lost’ fate on my first day made me a bit scared. Also, there was a change in my scheduled dinner with family that I thought going someplace far would not be the best itinerary for the day.

I am sure being with other people has its unique joy but travelling alone has this perk of flexibility – you can easily change plans without pissing off anyone. So early that morning, with my sore muscles and while having my breakfast of Peppero stick and Coke Zero, I made my ‘what to do today’ list.


At times like then, a subway map, my travel notebook and Evernote were helpful.



Being my usual self – making such a mess with my bed


20130327_180031-smallAfter a few minutes of ‘planning’, I decided to go the Leeum Samsung Art of Museum that morning. I just saw online how it has some interesting gigantic art pieces so I said to self – let’s give it a try. Later on, I learned that this houses the most valued collection of Lee Kun-hee, the president of Samsung. What is more interesting is that unlike other museums that are either traditional or modern, this place combines both the traditional and contemporary.

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[Seoul] ~ Myeongdong Shopping and NANTA

Keep a map ready but find happiness in getting lost. Some places you find, some places you don’t. You’ll be surprised how amidst it all, you had a great day. – 03.22.13


20130327_180031-smallA few stations away from Anguk (where Bukchon Village is near) is Myeongdong – known as a mecca for shoppers. As for me, I planned to go there to buy a KPop item for a friend as well as watch this show Cookin’ NANTA which I was originally supposed to watch in Hongdae but due to some unforeseen circumstance had to be moved here.

I honestly could not remember whether I was there a few years back when I first went to Seoul but what I immediately noticed was the lively and busy feel of the place. It was simply a place where many of your senses are going to work – let your eyes feast on the many items being sold in many stores and stalls, listen to ‘sets you in a happy mood’ music from the stores themselves and  let your nose enjoy the smell of various street food.


Myeongdong on a Friday afternoon. (On my next post, I shall post a busier Myeongdong on a weekend).

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