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[Penang, Malaysia] ~ Photos from a Camera Museum

All those cameras captured by its ‘great grandbaby’ the smartphone – 11.16.15

After morning was spent walking around to discover steel rod installations and murals around town, I had some more relaxed early afternoon at a museum on the same street as my hostel – one I learned about on that same day.

PENANG’S CAMERA MUSEUM is a recently opened two-storey venue for exhibition of vintage cameras. Compared to most museums, its specificity in its collection makes one’s visit more intimate and not as intimidating. This worked as an advantage on my end  as unlike previous visits to museums so overwhelming that I almost always end up hungry or with some headache (and I rarely get one!), this was palatable.


What greets you


My experience with cameras is limited to digital one when I was in college followed by an attempt to play more with an DSLR a few years back until there were smartphones and action cameras. My visit to the museum is then more of the visual pleasure and an awe at the basics.

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[Ikeda, Japan]~Create your own CupNoodles

It was one of my favorite discoveries during this trip -a showcase of chicken ramen instant noodles in this place MOMOFUKU ANDO INSTANT RAMEN MUSEUM (named such after one of instant noodles inventor). Unlike other museums that tend to drown with its many displays, this one in the simplest yet fun manner lays out the history and the making of this food for immediate hunger pangs.


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[Ho Chi Minh] ~ A day of boo boos, must-sees/eats/drinks


Even the scariest trip starters deserve turn-around before sundown, 04.16.14  


An interesting first day on a country I’ve always wanted to visit, gifted me with thought that while we do not always find ourselves in the best of situations, the beauty of it is knowing that when under the mindset of your relationship with a place being short-lived, it kind of pushes you to choose battles, be more forgetful and forgiving of unwise decisions and not let the mishaps ruin what could be quite a day.

Ho Chi Minh1 Collage

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[Seoul] ~ Mix of Modern and Traditional in Leeum Samsung Art Museum

For there is beauty in making plans.. and breaking them. – 03.23.13


That day was originally meant for an out-of-Seoul trip to Gapyeong where I can see Nami Island, Garden of Morning Calm and Petite France. But my ‘always getting lost’ fate on my first day made me a bit scared. Also, there was a change in my scheduled dinner with family that I thought going someplace far would not be the best itinerary for the day.

I am sure being with other people has its unique joy but travelling alone has this perk of flexibility – you can easily change plans without pissing off anyone. So early that morning, with my sore muscles and while having my breakfast of Peppero stick and Coke Zero, I made my ‘what to do today’ list.


At times like then, a subway map, my travel notebook and Evernote were helpful.



Being my usual self – making such a mess with my bed


20130327_180031-smallAfter a few minutes of ‘planning’, I decided to go the Leeum Samsung Art of Museum that morning. I just saw online how it has some interesting gigantic art pieces so I said to self – let’s give it a try. Later on, I learned that this houses the most valued collection of Lee Kun-hee, the president of Samsung. What is more interesting is that unlike other museums that are either traditional or modern, this place combines both the traditional and contemporary.

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