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Reviving my Love for Trips and Stories

Have been in a quite long hiatus because of ‘busyness’ with then-work, distraction with the quick shares enabled by social media platforms, and of course, the pandemic that has hit us all hard.

My recent doses of somewhere, however, has inspired me to not just go places but to honor and remember them through words and snaps.

And staying true to my intent in creating this space from the very beginning, hopefully my stories inspire you to find your own.

[Taipei, Taiwan] ~ Little finds in a factory turned park

 An afternoon of all things (forgive the word) cute – 02.20.16

What followed my visit to an ‘artist village’ is to a so-called ‘creative park’. It was not exactly the name that intrigued me though but the idea that the area used to be an abandoned wine factory converted into a place for cultural events and other exhibitions. My afternoon spent there turned out fun being a fan of trinkets (called “abubots” in Filipino) with a rather similar scene in my country wherein local artists share their crafts in pop-up bazaars and markets.

Indeed it was an afternoon filled with (window-) shopping for stickers, postcards, notebooks etc.

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Putting Some Sense of Order

I am trying to put some system into my entries across sites.

So — while this one shares detailed ones, I am opening my Instagram for otherwise yet real-time ones.  My account is private but will gladly add people who share love for going places.

Then my Tumblr is of photos I feel ‘representative’ of each trip, with link to detailed ones here.

And yes, while I still find drive to write detailed blogs, I am a victim myself of microblogs.


With the popularity of microblogs these days, I am having second thoughts whether I still need to work on my detailed entries for this blog. I just realized there are several venues where I share my stories – Facebook (of course still the most popular in the Philippines), in Instagram and just recently in Tumblr.

I am not sure though whether I am just becoming lazy or have just become disheartened by the backlog of entries or I am just slowly becoming more accepting of the change in medium that works, that is, actually get to be of help to those who are also interested to travel places.

So I shall think. And think again. Then we shall see whether this space needs a revamp.

A pile of unsaved memories


When I started having opportunities to go places independently, I have committed to writing about a trip in detail not more than a month since – but recent busy-ness (and sometimes, lack of ability to overcome laze) has been making me lack integrity with such commitment. Quite an exaggeration, and I am not sure whether other travel writers could relate, but — that is breaking my heart these days.

For two reasons really – one, I write to remember; two – while I know that there are not much people who get to read what I write, but my writing about travel publicly is my simple way of sharing my stories in words and pictures to people as an unimposing buddy as they create their own.

To date though I have more than a week’s worth of uncaptured and to that, I quite feel ungrateful. (Yet, instead of working on that backlog, here I am ranting, babbling.)