[Ikeda, Japan]~Create your own CupNoodles

It was one of my favorite discoveries during this trip -a showcase of chicken ramen instant noodles in this place MOMOFUKU ANDO INSTANT RAMEN MUSEUM (named such after one of instant noodles inventor). Unlike other museums that tend to drown with its many displays, this one in the simplest yet fun manner lays out the history and the making of this food for immediate hunger pangs.


Admission to the two-storey structure is free but if you wish to take home a souvenir, your very own CupNoodles would have to be it. As it is one of the more popular activity in there, it is recommended that you do this first so you can more leisurely walk around the place afterwards. This is not meant to spoil your experience but here’s a story of how it goes at the CUPNOODLES FACTORY. 

Create your own cup of instant happiness

1. Grab your 300 yen cup at the vending machine. 

(And in this vending machine-loving country as Japan, this is no surprise)


2. Find a seat – probably where you can be most creative.



And if you are that serious with what would be your ingredients, you can learn about the ingredients while designing your cup. 

I skipped this step though so I ended up just pointing to what looks yummy at the counter. 


You can take as much time you want, but hopefully while staying mindful that you share the seat, table and coloring materials with others


3. Wait for your turn to choose your ingredients. 



And here’s mine! 


4. Some more wait as they clean-seal your cup noodles 





5. Have it vacuum-sealed so it is ready to go.  


People were supposed to do it on their own but I am bad at following instructions so — 



Yey, my CupNoodles! 


So aside from the CupNoodles Factory —



… is this stack of different cup noodles.

I wonder whether there are actual noodles inside



This giant cup installation 




And again, proof photo that I was there



Instant noodles through time in this RAMEN TUNNEL 



A portion of another interesting display of cup noodles through time



Something up close




Across the tunnel is this wall on the story of ramen


Story retold in animation on the CupNoodles Theater




On the second floor is this area for reserved classes on how to make noodles



Back to the lobby in the middle is this shed which displays ramen-making during the early days


Museum is accessible from Ikeda Station via Hankyu Takarazuka line. When you go down, there is a tourist center where you can ask directions from.

You may check their official website here. 


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