[Siquijor] ~ Skydive again as if the first time

This started off as an itch to tick off something in some sort of bucket list but I ended up doing this for the fourth time because while everything else seems the same (jump, scream, land, repeat) – I keep on wanting to re-conquer the fear, re-hear the whoosh as the plane door opens and re-live the feeling of disorientation during the first few seconds of freefall.

Skydive quiet happy screams (March 20, 2022)


Was in Siquijor for a few days and this was not part of the plan but this has been on-and-off my mind since the pandemic hit. I think it’s partly because I feel that being locked down not only made me less free, it has also made me feel more scared of so many things. There’s a part of me that has shifted and I wanted to recalibrate.

So one night on the island, this realization just became clearer and the next day, I was booking the dive again. It’s for this mainly; just a bonus that it was almost my birthday too.


Of course, it’s different writing about it than experiencing it but all you need to do is actually show up and jump. But I’m still going to share some glimpses so you know what to ‘prepare’ for, so to speak.

As soon as you get in the site, there’s a waiver you need to initial/sign for every item. It is quite detailed that for first timers especially, it can up the nerves you’re feeling. In my case, I just breathed deeply and thought to self how all those risks are part of the experience I crave for.

Then you’re prepped with the harness and briefed on the most important stuff – when and how you are attached to your instructor, what certain taps mean, making sure your feet stays on a certain side of the plane step (don’t worry about this though as the wind is so strong up there your feet will inevitably land there), keeping your body in a banana-like position and just enjoy the rest.

Do not close your eyes (which I keep on doing, by the way. So for this jump, I was consciously trying not to). Try not to pass out maybe? You won’t die but you would miss the fun.

After the freefall, the instructor opens the parachute at a certain altitude. In the remotely probable instance he couldn’t, the parachute is designed to automatically open the minute you drop at a certain height. There’s a snap but try not to panic as he is not letting you go, he’s just letting you breathe better.

For the landing, it’s just feet up. (And maybe hope that your butt doesn’t hit the ground as much. I slightly hurt mine a bit but still, beyond worth it).



Dropzones are in Bantayan Island in Cebu and Siquijor. As of April 2022 though, they are only operational in Siquijor.

Check out their site at https://skydivecebu.com/ to book and see other details on their tandem dives and classes. Siquijor also has a Facebook page they are active in.

Quick Tips

While payments can be made online, best to pay in cash to avoid additional charges for use of platforms (Paypal and credit card).

Photos and videos (including an edited one) are included in the rate, with USB available for purchase. You can also bring your own though or have enough space on your phone.

3 thoughts on “[Siquijor] ~ Skydive again as if the first time”

    1. Yep! My instructor was even teasing me to go back next time and jump on my own but I’m still scared (as of today) 😀
      If you had that feeling, hmm maybe there’s a part of you that wants it really. Go try! It’s worth the nerves.

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