[Siquijor] ~ Skydive again as if the first time

This started off as an itch to tick off something in some sort of bucket list but I ended up doing this for the fourth time because while everything else seems the same (jump, scream, land, repeat) – I keep on wanting to re-conquer the fear, re-hear the whoosh as the plane door opens and re-live the feeling of disorientation during the first few seconds of freefall.

Skydive quiet happy screams (March 20, 2022)
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Reviving my Love for Trips and Stories

Have been in a quite long hiatus because of ‘busyness’ with then-work, distraction with the quick shares enabled by social media platforms, and of course, the pandemic that has hit us all hard.

My recent doses of somewhere, however, has inspired me to not just go places but to honor and remember them through words and snaps.

And staying true to my intent in creating this space from the very beginning, hopefully my stories inspire you to find your own.