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[SIQUIJOR] ~ Lazy and Crazy Days

I’ve been here before but the memories have faded so hey, here’s to second chances – 03.18-22.22

It’s not my first time in the province but for some reason, except for one rainy day ride around the island, skydiving and this nice bar called Monkey Business I liked hanging out in, I have vague memories of the vibe of the island especially of its beaches. Curious to as to how what I may forgotten, I decided to again go.
I had an open itinerary and I ended up extending my stay – even celebrating my 36th birthday there and doing again what I thought I was not prepared for again just yet.
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[Siquijor] ~ Skydive again as if the first time

This started off as an itch to tick off something in some sort of bucket list but I ended up doing this for the fourth time because while everything else seems the same (jump, scream, land, repeat) – I keep on wanting to re-conquer the fear, re-hear the whoosh as the plane door opens and re-live the feeling of disorientation during the first few seconds of freefall.

Skydive quiet happy screams (March 20, 2022)
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