[Ko Phi Phi] ~ Going Upmost to See its All

A zoom-out from its highest point, also its community’s haven – 04.04.15



Sharing with you my less than an hour hike to Phi Phi’s highest post! 

I meant to wake up early the following day to go up the island’s highest point. Called the Viewpoint, this not only gives a lovely view of the bays of Phi Phi, it also serves as the place where locals (and tourists) are meant to take refuge in case a tsunami strikes again (a devastating one happened in 2004.

Place is marked 4000 meters from the busy streets and that was easy to find given the various markers in blue that guide. Entrance to the ‘path’ up to area is  cement stairs until one reaches the first viewpoint wherein guests are asked to pay 30 baht as entrance, which is used for maintaining the place.

For a non-hiker like me, it was quite a steep walk. I finished my Coke Zero even before reaching the first viewpoint and I managed to record at which steps I stopped – at 170th and 270th step then decided to sit down at 285th. That was before the 321st where the first viewpoint was. (One might think it is sad but when in the mood, I have this habit of actually counting my steps to places, just like what I did when I walked around Potipot Island in my home country).


An early dog

(While I was about to walk my way to Viewpoint)



and an early cat

How come there was no early bird? 😀



It was hard for me to imagine that 3,000 meters but yes, I was in “let’s-do-this!’ mode then



Some Western food on this side



Anyone dare to have his/her tattoo done here?



Where the hike starts



At the entrance to the first viewpoint



View from the first point. That row of houses, if I remember correctly, is part of a rehabilitation project since the 2004 tsunami



From where I was seated



And these cats again! 



From where I was standing



Alcohol not allowed at this point because apparently a Muslim area. Good decision for me then to not bring a can of beer! 


The place claimed about 5 more minutes of walk to the second viewpoint. I did not take note of time as well as of my steps because I was busy concentrating on just making it there. I had no liquid with me and it was also getting hotter so it was more challenging.  When I got to the top, inevitably, I immediately grabbed a seat and bought a bottle of water.


Walk to the second viewpoint partly like this while others are paved



“Walk to the Other”? Hmm.


I was the only visitor at the top, except two ladies who were maybe living there. They were doing their cleaning while I find the best places on the rocks where I could take the widest capture of the island.


One of the two ladies I met at the top



What are you pointing at?



There she was again. Can you spot the difference from the previous one? 



Waaaa. A monkey up-close! 



Fruit chairs



And that lady was still in the picture


After making a number of attempts at capturing the scenic view, I decided to take a rest in area near the fruit chairs. And that was where I got distracted by this monkey! One who was seemingly friendly that I was able to take photos real close.

A resident noticed and told me that the monkey’s name is Somsi. A pet, I thought. I noticed too that fingernails had pink nail polish.  How girly / “kikay” is that, Somsi? :)))


Can someone please explain my joy? 😀



Her nails prettier than mine



Somsi suddenly got sad. Whyyy.


When other guests (two as solo and a couple) starting coming, it was just the right time because I felt I captured enough. I went back to my table to just rest for a bit before hiking again. I could not help myself though that I ended up still taking more photos.

I even found an angle where I thought I could ‘insert’ myself. I showed it to the lady there and asked her to take a picture of me. I guess we did not understand each other though that she ended up just taking a picture of me – the way she wanted it. (And it was awkward so I would not post. Haha). I did not ask for a retake because she seemed busy and I was just asking a favor.


From my table



I remember to have this snapshot of this bag from a friend

(Popoy and Basha, by the way, are characters from a popular romantic film in the Philippines called One More Chance, which obviously, one of my favorites!)



And I just wish I was there sitting on that rock. 


On my way down,  I was at same pace with another female solo visitor to viewpoint who was as equally as into taking photos as I am. We did not talk though. I guess there was this code between us that we both wanted quiet then.

As if not tired enough, I continued my walking to other parts of town.  I came across this tsunami hall that was being constructed, purpose of which unknown to me. I also discovered this area where more backpacking accommodations are and some interesting sunset bars too. I also reached this beach called Cobble which gives a view of Loh Dalum bay strip.


Could not be an evacuation center because not on high land, right?







Quiet side of town



Follow your heart



This picture captured because I overheard that woman in yellow talking in Filipino! I heard her say “Ate” and I was like, “whoa, finally a Filipino since day 1 of this trip! “


It was starting to get hot so I targeted to do more wade in the water. On my way to the bay, a traveler randomly asked me where a good place for breakfast is. A question which of course I do not know the answer to – one, because I am not fond of eating normally, especially during trips; and two, because I have been in Phi Phi for less than a day. I just said “No” and then kept on walking.

I did eat breakfast that morning, though. But it was junk food sausage that I just picked from an eatery near the spot where I was swimming.


I forgot what it is called, but these are sausages wrapped in some fried wrapper


My ferry-out to the island was at 2PM but I did not want to be walking with my backpack when sun was its highest. I then checked out early, left my backpack so I could do some souvenir-shopping, some more wading then I went back to hostel to charge my phone and take a shower (yes, I was checked out but I still did use their shower and outlet).


Siesta time



This cat seemingly found territory in my bag



When I come back with friends, this seems fun! 



Just like election time in the Philippines when we have these windows



Where is the Philippines?



How come almost San Mig Light or Pilsen? Never Red Horse which is the stronger Philippine beer 






I was paying at this souvenir store when the lady noticed my wallet and showed me her wallet that was similar to mine. She said it was specially made for her by a friend




I had this game of asking every stall what that wooden container was. They said the same thing – “For ganja” (And of course, I didn’t know until one actually ‘enlightened’ me)



Oh these charming boats



Such character



Oh those beads of sweat tell a story



A bigger ferry to Phuket now! 

First seated here then I got bored so I moved to the deck



Sorry for the bathroom shot but I was shocked how of my darkness!

(And looking at it now, it was normal.Maybe I am now used to this skin color 😀 )


I was asleep at almost the entire time from Phi Phi to Phuket.  Maybe  I did get tired from that hike and all the walking afterward.


My last view before I started sleeping (hopefully not snoring)



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