[Ko Lanta] : Taking the Less Travelled, When Rocks Betray in Klong Nin

With a quite scary sea, it was lazy beach time for me– 04.02.15


Klong Nin

A 20-minute tuktuk ride took me to a relatively more secluded beach called KLONG NIN with waters that scared the hell out of me the first time with its suddenly steep bed and unpredictable rocks. These rocks were revealed to be quite many during the latter part of the afternoon when tide got low. Nonetheless found a spot where I could swim but with some kind of curfew at only about noon.

It was then more of a lazy day at the beach (finally had time to read!), some walking in the midst of heat and stopping by at bars to chill a bit until sundown. Night spent on a beach chair with the water now near the shore before calling it a night before next day’s early goodbye.

After breakfast at Phra Ae, hired a tuktuk ride to a beach farther south. I was expecting it to be less crowded, sand not as fine as former and waves stronger. All turned out to be true except that detail that the sea has that unsteady bed home to those hidden (some partly hidden) rocks.


With tuktuk and motorbikes as main transport options, they have quite a number of these mini gasoline stations



Roads get less busy as we approach Klong Nin


Finally a room to myself!



Less crowded, indeed!



Now, almost none



From this side either



That semi-hidden rock



This mandatory panoramic shot



View from my spot at Lanta Paragon Resort’s bar called Lucky



Find the hidden bird



My spot at the bar until noon



And now I just could not seem to remember why this retake



Finally got to read



Could not zoom in but some father-son moment in there



Aha! One of these rocks



When tide got low, there was more


20150402_112514Single dads (or maybe moms are just busy sunbathing) roam this place



Another example



Because I lost my hair tie to the sea and this is how I improvised



Because I just think this is an unexpected nice photo


When I felt that the sun was less harsh, I decided to do some exploring of the town. There was not much to explore though and the heat did not help even. Or maybe the place is really intended for beach-bumming all day.

So after discovery of this shop with good finds (though pricey for me!) and this monkey-inspired cafe near it, I went back to the beach for more lazy time.

While I was on my spot at the restaurant reading, occasionally checking out the locals doing something by the sea. I could just infer that maybe they were getting some shells as the two kids came to me to give me some two mussels which I by the way brought home without cleaning so the moment I checked it at home, it was stinky.


How can gasoline be on the same list



Oh the colors



From the two local boys



Uh oh. Tide now really low



Spot the unnatural



That big



Less ideal to swim at this time of day



Bringing my clutter here



That semi-hidden rock from earlier that day



Finding shade from a tangerine umbrella



Choose your island



… from this many



This boy thinks he is a superhero



Found an interesting local shop



A cute coffee shop. Too bad I am not that fan of coffee



Someone’s enjoying his afternoon nap



A panorama when tide is low


I slightly changed venue (slightly because it was very close to my table at the bar) to one of the beach chairs. I tried to nap but for some reason, couldn’t. That could have made this officially a bum day.

In less than an hour, my feet again went restless that I started walking. On my way to the southern end of the strip, I came across this bar with comfortable looking seats that I ended up drinking a glass of cocktail while reading. I am no expert with such drinks that I ended up getting what I am familiar with – which is mojito.


Spent some sitdown on this spot when I could no longer swim



Now I could not remember why I had this selfie with the rocks



On the way to checking out the rest of the island






Feet and skull



Because those seats  at Majestic Bar were inviting



Cocktail with Happy Hour price when it was not yet Happy Hour



Comfort and color


When some cocktail buzz started kicking in, I thought it was time to stand up and do some more walking. I then explored the other end (northward) of the beach where similarly, there were restaurants and bars.

Nothing extraordinary happened except that I made an attempt to walk bare on sand. I eventually had to wear slippers though because the sand was hot. (This exercise, by the way, was a sort of test since I was trying to check how this compares to sand in Boracay that never gets hot).


Off to walk to the other side



Still everywhere



This cute little girl


Back at the resort, I must have gotten tired from all the walking that I checked out their menu and pointed at something that looked interesting. It turned out simple but very good that I had to Google right there and then what that is called.

Laab gai, it was, which is Thai for herb ad chicken salad.


Just something I randomly picked from the menu and it turned out really good


So after eating, time to clean self a bit. It was also then that I searched for a good place to be at during sunset. I read up on a bar called Blue Moon which was on the southern end of the beach. I then had to retrace my steps there,

It was quite a walk to there that I almost gave up but curiosity had me. Nothing spectacular when I went there but it was nice to have the entire deck to myself. I waited for the sun to set while in a hammock but I eventually went down to sit in one of the beach beds on sand as it seemed comfortable to see sunset from there as well.


Too many footprints



More bars



Because this heart (or inverted butt) is universal



Walking on sunset



Oh that kiwi mojito sounds yummy



Failed photo by the sunset



Another failed attempt at a sunset photo. 

Who looks like a man, right?






Sunset from Blue Moon’s roofdeck



This is my gloat face because I am in a sunset photo



Even my slippers get to be in a decent one



On portrait too



Right after sunset



Now just the sunset





I went back to my hostel when it got dark and wanted to watch some Thai TV. Unfortunately, unit in my room was not working. Boohoo. Screen was just black so it felt like I was listening to Thai radio. Okay, charge that to experience too. Staff seemingly clueless on how to resolve the situation, I did not turn on my bitchy mode and just thought that maybe I should spend more time out than inside my room despite the air conditioner being so inviting.

So out I was and in search of any place with live music. My resort’s bar seemed to hold promise as there were kids on stage but it turned out it was some sort of free jam. I asked the waiter whether someone would play that night but I was told that gigs usually happen only during peak season (and apparently, that time of year was not. Odd).

I then settled for a seat near the shore. Chair was so near the water I could imagine it reaching my feet anytime. I finished a bottle of beer there then moved to a random find someplace else. I had a spot there on a cloth on sand where I had beer and dose of stars, including a stubbornly bright one which I hypothesize to be the North Star.


Now it is the moon’s turn



Was that the North Star?



Artificial lights at night



From where I was having my last beer for the night


My quest for a night with music was unsuccessful but I had a good night of sleep. I managed to wake up just right on time for my 6AM appointment with the tuktuk driver who was supposed to take me to the pier.

She showed up late though but I later on realized that it could be because she knew already that my 6AM call time was too early for my 8AM ferry ride to Phi Phi. Well, nothing wrong with being on the safe side, right?


Someone had a good sleep with that messy hair



Oldschool lock


For almost an hour, I was on my way to the pier. It was the right time of morning that it was not yet hot and no longer cold. I remember also smelling all kinds of smell, probably from the houses we were passing by. It was a calming ride, the perfect way to say goodbye.

I arrived at the pier too early that the ladies manning the tables for tickets were not yet there. I then took my time walking around the pier. It was a bit of a wait and I could have gone impatient but at least, I got to score a good seat at the ferry, i.e. one that let me go up the deck anytime I wanted to.


So many islands to go to, so little time



Twilli Fruity, ain’t that cute?



What is up with this smile



Never too early for soda



A no-sense selfie at the boat to Phi Phi



This little girl accompanies her mother who was selling tours and transfer options to ferry passengers



Bunny cloud ears



Oh I wish I have skin that can take that sun and still be nice



Just too much of selfies on this ferry, maybe?



Gap that must be crossed



Yet another selfie


Just like that, it was goodbye to Lanta and off to this busier place called Phi Phi !


To get to Ko Lanta, please see entry on Phra Ae. 

From Phra Ae to Klong Nin, you may rent a tuktuk for 200 baht (150 baht if you with others. I don’t understand this policy really but yes, that is how that works. Or if you do know how to ride a motorbike, you can rent one which you can also use to go around the island.

Fare from Klong Nin to Saladan Pier at 150 baht via private tuktuk ride.


Chang beer at70-80 baht for the small one and 110 baht for the bigger bottle

Happy Hour starts at 3 in the afternoon when cocktails are priced at 100 baht. I was at Majestic Bar and got mine even though it was not 3PM yet.

Meals range from 120 to 200+ baht

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