[Liwliwa, Zambales] ~ A Revisit to a Start

A retrace to where we were almost a year ago. And a celebration of where we are now. 01.31-02.01.15



It was a weekend where we were first together literally and were together officially.

We’ve been wanting to go back to this place in gratefulness of its sentimental to us but schedule got messed up that we had to be there a month in advance our first year. Interestingly close to a reenactment of the first – we arrived separately and had the right mix of moments together and apart; this again over beer, lazy beach dogs, sunset, stars and early morning cold.

Another unfortunate misunderstanding made us take different bus rides on the way there. Looking back, it was a funny one (though I don’t know whether he would agree to this :D). While waiting at the terminal for our 3AM bus, I went to pee to which he assumed was another case of walk-out. He then left (and only the following day did I learn that he grabbed food nearby).

When I went back, he was nowhere and seemingly mad because he left the tent in our seats. I was too tired to argue then so I was simply holding on to hope that he would come back that I decided to just sleep. I happened though to sleep too much that I woke up past our bus time – and amusingly at 10 minutes at that. I panicked, went to the counter and this lady crew told me that our bus just left (sooo – Victory Liner could be on time!) and that I could just take the next bus to Olongapo (this trip to Olongapo almost always indeed saves the day!). That entire time, I was thinking that maybe Allen could have gone to that 3AM trip.


Side story : Saw this cute fellow passenger at Olongapo


Upon arriving at the hostel though, he was nowhere to be found. I was hoping he was chugging beer somewhere but I could sense no hint from him from the lady at the receptionist who recognized me. She just said that I always go solo then subtly asked where ‘the guy I am always with’ is. Just told her (without giving too much) that I’m not sure whether he would follow or not.

I arrived quite early and I didn’t feel like being in a hurry so I spent some quiet time at the common area – which was ironically a deserted common area at that time of day. Well, except for this restless kid chased by either an older brother or her mother.I tried some travel planning, reading and then when I felt that should be the perfect time to get some sun as it was not yet too hot, kicked my ass out of that place to go get some ‘healthy’ sun.


Never too early for this huh.



A not so common area at that time of day



To self: That looks familiar



True enough, it’s that ash tray.



And now I just couldn’t remember whether it was my first or second beer.



Waves were uncooperative that this was deserted



From this side too.


It seemed like a sad day for surfers but some of them were on the sea – bumming. So sorry for the lack of the right term but I don’t know what you call it when they were just lying on their boards with no seeming intention to ride any wave.

I took the opportunity that waves were not as strong that I tried to wade. But still, I was too scared. Yes, that is how scared I am of waves. 😀 I then just went back to my spot and stared at sea and the surfers at sea.


This ray of sun



More a painting than a photo



Rock blocks



When it rains, this part becomes a temporary river



What a laugh



A thin line of sea


After my beer at the beach, I decided to go back to the common area and voila, there he was — semi-sleeping on a hammock. He told me he saw me walk towards the hostel but he didn’t call me. Tsk. Us kids playing hide-and-seek. Sometimes,I like to think that maybe the universe helps us find each other (and nope, I didn’t want that to sound cheesy).

And for some strange reason that we have been eating more than usual lately, we went for some food at Allen’s favorite place in the area – Mommy Phoebe’s!


See. Some proof in there.


2015-02-01 17.15.08

And now, just because we wanted to selfie



At Mommy Phoebe’s, saw this cute dog! My second shih tzu for the day! 



That smiley reminded me of this Victoria Court in the Philippines 😀


It was hello again to the beach in the afternoon, this time with more people. We stayed there and we barely noticed it was my favorite time of day.



And I could not not handle a selfie without this “kili-kili” exposure. Happens all the time.



Just like that, it’s again goodbye



He does it so much better




Deserted no more.



That color of sun on our faces. Just because



Ready, set.



What is up with my eyes



Laser sun






Fun group neighbors and fellow guests at the hostel



Cut diagonally



Classic photo of somebody taking a photo



Hair the shape of clouds?






Because I am discovering this love for panorama



Still that same laser sun although it got darker



Is it just me or do I see a sunset fan ?



This guy oddly looks like Allen! Tad creepy



Cut in half



From this angle, it looked like it was morning



But from here, it was obviously about-night



Try to find the hidden human



Our view from where we were when it got dark (and when I had that shameful [or was that shameless] moment) 😀



This one’s just a zoom-in


It was a trip meant to celebrate our year as officially together so I think it was quite fitting to meet another couple. I personally am the introvert traveler that while I enjoy brief encounters with people I may never meet again, my boyfriend’s quite the opposite in his extrovert, especially if he feels connection with a place and the people who chose to go there.

So apparently, during one of his solo time earlier that day, he had a chat with this couple who we saw again while we were getting our street food fix (still in front of Mommy Phoebe’s place). We exchanged some talk then we were later joined by them. An interesting night it was – with a lot of talk about places, culture and other things we were each interested in – all this with some group’s guitar-playing in the background. To cap the night off was crazy accepting the challenge of being able to go to that what to me is unreasonably high hammock in the common area.

When ‘crowd’ started thinning, we were joined by one of those guys who were making music earlier. We then had some sort of instant gig. (Side story: the following day, it was quite fun that the guy could not remember anything from that night even though he did not seem that drunk when he was with us).

2015-02-01 17.29.24

2015-02-01 17.27.45

2015-02-01 17.26.19

Our friends Simone, Kasper (who wittily introduced himself as “Kasper the Friendly Ghost”) and

Mitska (I do hope I spell it right)


2015-02-01 17.21.08

Challenge accepted


When we called it a night, Allen and I went back to the beach to this spot where we had this conversation under the stars almost year ago. We went back to our hostel when I started feeling really cold (and Allen was laughing at me because I was the one complaining when he was the one wearing sando). Excuse me, maybe my skin was just not as ‘thick’ as yours. 😀

In the morning, I was woken up by a hungry Allen who was inviting that we grab breakfast at what to me was such an early time. I declined and said I’d still sleep. He then went on to eat. Learned later on though that there was no breakfast yet at that time so he went straight to the beach. Just when I had breakfast knowing he already had his. Tsk to this mis-whatnots that seem to be that trip’s theme. 😀


Aha! You were cheating with this dog!



What is gigil



Whose footprint is it anyway?



And this realization that dogs use us humans as shade! You “wais” dogs!




Here we go again, with the candid photos



Leg photobomber



Clothes drying rack photobomber



Hmm. There is no telling what that expression means 


And with this picture, I oddly end this post. In a few days time, it is really going to be our jump to year two. And I shall reserve my cheese until then.

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