Been-to Places in a Luggage Cover

Yey to receiving this luggage cover from Wanderskye yesterday!

It was oddly shaped as an oversized one-piece swimsuit but I was so excited that I started coloring while still at the office. It was a humbling experience having realized how little of the world I have seen; biggest ones I owe to my work which gave me the opportunity to travel. I wished though that I could mark the specific states I was in. That would make this cover less colorful but more accurate. Nonetheless inspiring to have the money and the time to go see (and color) as many!




Wanderskye is proudly a local/Filipino brand. You may order online here . Several interesting designs are to choose from. The one I got comes with a free Sharpie pen for the coloring. 😀

[Bolinao, Pangasinan] ~ Love is in the Air and Sea : Patar Beach (2 of 2)

Not only because it was Valentine’s Day.  – 02.14-15.15


Pardon me for the cheesy title but this entry (and the trip) was not intended to be in celebration of Hearts’ Day but simply another weekend of going places together. This time a “lagari” to an odd combo of a festival of everything that flies and a let’s-push-this trip to the beach. 20150215_105346

First the air, now the sea!

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