[Subic] ~ Not-so-wet and Wild at Camayan Beach Resort and Zoobic Safari

A dash to the zoo and sea – 02.27-28.15



It was a rather impulsive out-of-town trip thought of by the team while we were having some wait time at work a few weeks back. We were then settled at going somewhere south then thoughts of traffic on a Friday kicked in until we had second thoughts and thought about going the opposite way. It was only within that week closest to our trip that we decided we would choose the latter. It was only then when we started with all the reservations.

It was a Friday but in testament to my belief that Fridays almost always tend to be manic, we had last-minute tasks that we left the office a little bit later than usual. Traffic was not as bad but for some reason, we were at the resort about an hour before midnight. Time at the car spent making guesses at songs and artists of iconic pop songs, arguing over that gold-and-white and blue-and-gold that has been making netizens go gaga over the past two days and that occasional crazy of for a second driving in darkness. Upon arrival at the resort’s hostel, there was this odd question from the security guard that went like this – “are you check-in (he could have meant checked in) or are you checking in?”. This left us all perplexed until about some amount of lag that we finally got the question.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were happily surprised at how resort was not bad at all, considering that there was little thought process given to our decision-making except its proximity to Zoobic and that it has some beach. Until then though, we seemed to be managing expectations saying how the place could be just photogenic at night. Place was also unexpectedly big and awfully quiet but it was a nice surprise that they have a bar / restaurant where they still serve food and drinks at that time of day. We had chat until about 3 in the morning – and this over varied ‘trips’ at that time – some into breakfast mode with coffee and leftover pancakes, some into  healthy over salad, one on food trip over various kinds of “pulutan” (food when drinking) and I with unreasonably priced beer. (To be fair though, beer gets reasonably priced at 399 (or 499) a bucket (and pizza) from 5-8PM.


The quiet hallway to our room 221



Was excited then to see source of those lights in the morning



Black and whites


Despite limited hours of sleep, we gladly managed to be up at a decent time of day. Despite missing our original (yet unrealistic) plan of swimming in the early morning, we had just the right amount of time to eat our complimentary breakfast before heading to our trip’s highlight which is visit to Zoobic Zafari. 20150228_074810

Didn’t realize there was this nice view of the mountain from this place



In the morning, as if the crowd grew exponentially



One of those times when I’m fascinated with tree branches



Told you


It was the right time when we arrived at the zoo as guests were just starting to come in. We immediately looked for the ride with the tigers but we were early we (except those who were scared of reptiles) still had time to go check the serpentarium which was just right across the tram station.

Funny moment at the entrance when we were forced to take a picture with an indigent. We were not up for it though that when asked to do the tiger rawr pose, no one did the pose. And we did not avail of the photos too. We are not the best zoo consumers, right? 😀


Tigers as soon as the entrance. We were looking forward to closer (and I, angrier) encounter though



Couldn’t camouflage much with that bright green huh



I had it on video but this snake kept on showing its tongue



Not captured well but these are bright green in color too!



This one almost the same color as its rock background


It was not a long wait until we were off to see the tigers up close and get a chance to feed them. We were lucky to be one of the first batches that they were still not so full. According to the guide, they rotate the tigers that they release so that they are equally full.

It was a quick ride and I wished there were more tigers that came near our vehicle or that one stepped on the roof (just like what we saw in photos!), but it was nonetheless an exciting one as this healthy-looking tiger approached us and munched on that raw chicken. I actually had quite many photos but were crappy as I was in panic – torn between capturing and trying to see as much of the tiger. It was not as fierce as I expected though. We realized though that it could be because these tigers got used to being fed instead of naturally hunting so they were more disciplined when it comes to handling their food. The one we encountered was even trying to hold food with his paw instead of letting it touch the ground.

Everything happened so fast and we had to go around the gated area. We saw another one with a slimmer body (which is apparently an indication of one being a female) but it paid no attention to us so boo.





I don’t get that blank space



Here comes the tiger superstar!


20150228_091241 20150228_091315

Not scary at all that I wish I could feed him!



This one’s a female. Named Princess if I remember it right


Post that quick encounter with the tigers is another close encounter with more of them – this time, it was them who were in cages (vs earlier when we were sort of in a moving cage). How I wish they could invent cages though that allow us to see them more clearly (maybe glass?). One naughty one almost pissed off on me. Glad a friend caught it early on enough to warn me. Otherwise, I would have to deal with tiger pee for at least 2 days.


Apparently the slender ones are female



.. while the chubbier ones are male



Friend meets his moody match



Finally a photo of a tiger with no gate ‘filter’ 



Oh I bet they don’t use tongue when they kiss? 😀



This one was just busy doing his/her morning introspection



And this one too


It was tram time again after the tigers. It was when we passed by this area called Savannah. It was feed time so animals (from camels to pigs to deer) were in one area busy eating.


That little black pig



Going somewhere




Some sort of general assembly


Last stop was at the Crocodile Area called “Croco Loco”.Guests get to feed them for Php50 for a piece of chicken. We no longer availed of this one. It was personally sad news to me though that there was this one group who were feeding the crocos and they were teasing them. We were like ” come on, just feed him/her already!”


There were too many they looked like unreal to me



My feet and a stranger’s



Guide told us that they were releasing air when their mouths are open



Break the tease, guys!



I heart it that they call it a cafe! 😀



And they were still there



We had our theories why this is a no feeding area (crocs here were on diet?). Turned out though it was just because the fence was not high enough


After the tour, we were back at the entrance where guests could take a photo with a cub. We initially wanted to have one but we eventually disliked the idea because pose did not seem natural because cub was busy sucking on a bottle of milk. We just busied ourselves then looking others have their photos taken while the baby tiger would just sleep-and-wakeup, drink milk, pose and go back to sleep.


Must be this baby’s “argh-you-disturbed-me-from-sleep’ look



Maybe these cubs were on shifting?



I shall again sleep



Now I am quite awake





We no longer waited for the animal show at around 10:30AM and back we were at the resort a little bit before 11AM. I was  having an uncooperative stomach so that was quite a relief. We unfortunately were not able to swim though – to them because it was too hot while I was on this time of month. We just rested for a bit and checked out a little before lunch. We then grabbed lunch at Meat Plus and did some PX goods shopping in random groceries we saw nearby.


The T-tree



There was some distortion sure but I am starting to be a fan of panorama



Bright and busy day. Too bad we could not swim


Too bad there were no monkeys at that time to feed



Just to give sense of feel



Cute grandma with her stereo



Just so I remember



Rooms overlooking the, eerr, parking lot



At Meat Plus



The team! 



Oh this weakness for cute packaging



Argh. Temptation


We headed back to Manila a bit past 3 in the afternoon and back at the office just almost an hour before the sun set. Quite a refresher trip and loved the idea of being able to do and see enough yet still with time for rest the following day before it was again Monday.

How we got there

I was a passenger and not a very attentive one at that so I am in no position to give details. Sorry! (Waze was helpful though. And I stopped being a baby wazer on this trip too :D)

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