[San Juan, La Union] ~ Versions of Sea from South to North (2 of 2)

Semi-spontaneous beach trips a first this year, thanks to an unexpected long holiday due to some Holy –



La Union

Spent the long weekend in beaches in opposite places in Luzon – a solo overnight camping trip in Burot Beach in Calatagan followed by days with Allen at The Circle, La Union.

Except some common denominators (people-watch and witness of the always lovely day-end and beer), two beaches are opposites as while first was calm, the other took pride in waves I as always was not a bit courageous to play with. Trip in La Union also included angsty encounters with, well, my equally crazy boyfriend (and I am sure he would disagree), multiple attempts at selfies, an unexpected re-meet with a friend from work and that feast on people’s painted thoughts The Circle is known for.

An unforgettable travel from Calatagan back to the metro was survival to an Papal Visit-induced irregular and unfamiliar public transport trip. Upon arrival at the terminal, I realized that there were no regular transport options because most of the roads were closed due to the visit.

After confusion from the many people I asked, I was forced then to ride a jeep to an unfamiliar place (Baclaran), so unfamiliar that I ended up not being able to go down where I should have. I then had to entrust my trip to a stranger who I was with until we reached the train station. Quite a selfish moment  when I left the stranger to line up for the ticket while I went in as I have the stored value card.

The metro railway is usually crowded so one can just imagine how extra crowded it was that evening with everyone who used to ride other forms of transport were riding the train. After some minutes of stand with the rest of many, I was finally able to get home at around half past 9. Maybe it’s the tired more than the hungry but I grabbed some rice meal then went straight to our favorite drinking hole in Cubao Expo. I drank some beers. Later that night Allen and I had a misunderstanding that we ended up almost not having pushed through with this trip. Fortunately, that was just almost. 


Some sleep time at the terminal



Cat spotted.



As busy as this



Fellow beer drinkers at quite an early time of day



While some busy themselves surfing



Choose your poison



Our usual paraphernalia (and my ever reliable beach slippers)





1379370_10152927797200100_6523389121094356947_n  Tent for the little one


Swing, swing



Hop, hop!



What a face.



What a pose. 😀



Gap between head and legs



Common area



Devil fork



In 45 degrees



Stick figures



And again that devil fork look-alike



One of many sunset photos because Allen and I were trying to capture it as is






This one a lighter purple



From purple to orange



Are your eyes sharp enough to see that star?



Spontaneous gig at Flotsam & Jetsam



Unfamiliar with the terms, it took me time before getting from a fellow guest in The Circle the name of this place



… which apparently is also an accommodation option



Wished I could bring home one



Wasn’t sure whether I misheard but this was the part of night dedicated to drunk girls dancing


Last night was crazy but it was a relief that the next day started quite light. We spent some lazy time by the swing – randomly spotting other guests’ painted words around.


Hashtag feeling blessed



Kung gusto, bigyan.. (Whew. And this was quite a challenge to translate)



Pag ayaw, pilitin (Hmm. This could be read in many ways)



I could not relate really but I heart “when in doubt, paddle out”



“Gwapo naman me”. Yep. Be all handsome and we would not care. 


10926406_10152927798280100_4008931251751211359_nSo cute this kid, even with that diaper bulk

~~~  9802_10152927798310100_103486968787445357_n

True candid



In all its flaw, this one’s a fun photo


10931006_10152927798515100_9185783717622297971_n    Coin bank


Who were famished






I was waiting for some punch line



Zoom in for some kinky reminder



Spot the ugly



Quite screaming


How to go to San Juan, La Union : 

Ride a Partas bus and ask to be dropped off at San Juan. Fare at Php450

Landmarks near The Circle are San Juan Surf Resort on your left, Moonleaf and Urbiztondo on your right. If you reach Kahuna on your left, you get to go back

Walk through a road and The Circle is easy to find on your left.

Hammock per head at Php350.

Beer at nearby sari-sari store at Php 30 (+ Php3 deposit) per 500ml Red Horse. It is around Php60 if you buy directly from Circle

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