[Manila] ~ A Midsummer Night’s Reunion

The summer night skies are peppered with stars, distant and unreachable; a characteristic that leads strength  to its dreamlike quality. In the same sense, the artworks presented here in this exhibit are in many ways dreamlike, almost illusory. These works by noted artists are  identified with that luster – invisible to many, but present nonetheless. – A Midsummer Night’s Reunion


I am no art expert but I am fond of visiting exhibits whenever I come across one that seems interesting. A recent one I visited was the contemporary art exhibit in Korean Cultural Center in Manila. Entitled A Midsummer Night’s Reunion, on display are few but somewhat interesting works by Filipino and Korean artists.

ImageExhibit runs from May 17 – July 31, 2013


The cultural center itself was a recent discovery as I learned it through a friend who was studying Korean. A center that offers classes ranging from learning the language and culture to cooking Korean dishes to dancing to KPop (Korean Pop),  the place is truly a gem for its aim to allow cultures in meet in creative ways. The place also has a library, film screenings and an exhibit for those who want to read, watch and see.

Contem Art KCC

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon when I paid the place a visit. And here are snapshots of what I find the more interesting pieces.


Mark Orozco Justiani’s “Hole”

This immediately captured my attention as the only installation art in the hall. It also got me curious up to this date how this was actually mounted or whether it was actually mounted but just an elusive illusion.



Benedicto “Bencab” Cabrera’s “Calaveras Shrine”

I have heard a lot about this national artist and his interesting museum in Baguio which I would want to visit someday.  I just find this piece hauntingly beautiful.



Choi Sung-du’s “Passage of Time – Crowd of Life”

It sure is beautiful how these faces look alive to me both from afar and up close.



Lee Dong Jae’s “Icon”

There is always something magical with art pieces at the different and similar at the same time. Yes, it is a face. But then, it is also a collection of pills. This reminded me strongly of a wall of unique pills I saw in Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul.



Jeong Hye-jeong’s “Sinlimdong – Intersection”

I could relate to this because I have spent a quick morning walk around Sinlimdong and I quite understand the vibe this piece was trying to convey.

Other participating artists are Hong Gyeong-taek, Mike Adrao. Hong Da-seul, Alfredo Esquillo, Jr, Luis Yee, Geraldine G. Javier, Park Gye-hoon, Hwang Seong-joon, Fil dela Cruz, Oh Seung-min, Ephraim Samson, Nemi R. Miranda, Jr, Choi Uk, Raul Isidro and Yoo Bong-sang.

How to go there: 

Ride the Metro Railway Transit (MRT) and go down at Ayala Station. Take the right exit and go down the stairs to reach EDSA. Once down, turn right  and keep walking on the curve until you reach main street. Go to the gas station across the street and buy your ticket in one of the booths to your right. Buy one for West route for Php12  and line up. Take the bus and go down at third stop. Walk a few steps straight until you reach the street where St Luke’s Hospital is, cross the street, turn left and near some car plaza is the Korean Cultural Center.

The place is exactly at 2nd floor, Mancor Corporate Center, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines.

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