Mapping your travel


I recently discovered this feature in TripAdvisor wherein you can key in places you been to (in orange), want to go to (in green) and those you love (heart-ed!).

Let’s save up for Europe and the rest of countries in Asia!

[Puerto Princesa] We finally met, Underground River!

It could be the darkness amidst what is million years older than I am, the chirping swallow birds that is music to my ears or the calm as it felt like it was drizzling, but it was nice meeting you and see you again. – 06.23.13


Having come from a cancelled trip the previous day, our third and last day in Puerto Princesa took on the trip’s highlight – the Underground River tour. Recently labelled as one of Seven Wonders of Nature, our visit that day made me realize why it lives up to such title.

underground river


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