[Seoul] ~ Dog Cafe? Check!

People strangers are fascinating, so are dogs.. – 10.24.14


Dog Cafe

I promised myself I would go back to South Korea to see it on its every season so by October last year, I was back for my autumn visit. I had only half a day on the first so I did not have anything solid to-do in mind. It turned out to be a fun day with a first visit to a café where over beer spent slightly more than an hour watching dogs laze, pee and join the mob toward guests with food to share. Only one in many was friendly to me that I got so excited I took quite more than enough ‘selfies’ and even had some courage to ask a fellow guest take a picture of us.

It was part of the plan to go a dog or cat cafe in the city but as usual, didn’t set any date to do so. First day was meant for practically nothing but some walking around my hostel area in again my favorite place Hongdae but it turned a bit of a good surprise when I just randomly read online that this dog cafe is near a subway station. And since I rely so much on the subway during my trips to Seoul, this is definitely a plus – quite an opportunity for an afternoon chill while doing something new. After check-in at my hostel then immediately went to this cafe to meet with those adorable strangers, most of which were not so warm to me, except one who is, in its rarity, just the sweetest.

Pardon me then for dog photos overload, but before that, some on-the-way-there photos.


Footwear all set while still in Manila



My favorite backpack during trips to Korea. Brought this same bag on my visit the previous year.



Quite a sunrise



Because I was lost


20141024_154027… and luckily there’s a mirror to document



Friendly lady owner at the hostel 



Just to prove that I was there



Came across this book  museum on my way to the subway station



Reminded me of Itunes’ Album Artwork compilation



Hugged by color



My spot at the small dogs area









Beer that cost as much as entrance



Some “awww” rules



This one just came near me because of this bag



Food for the dogs.



And this one because of the jacket



But see how their heads are turned away from me



At least this one looked at the camera



More sleepyheads



And another one.  (Gaad I wish I have their lifestyle)




 Those white dogs are sooo cute but they are also sooo food-greedy



This one is my best friend 🙂 He is the ONLY dog who kept on coming near me even though I had nothing to feed him. He was least attracted to food from guests too. A fellow introvert, maybe?



And this one also cute but an exact opposite of my favorite dog. He was just acting catatonic while waiting for food



One of the big ones (just not so obvious in this picture)



This fellow visitor was kind enough to take my picture with my favorite. 



I look haggard but hey, this is a must-capture



Another ‘waiter’ for food



And here was the rest of the troop.



Friendly attack



Snow Whites


How to get there: 

Cafe is located in what seemed to me a less busy building – on one’s right upon exiting on the 3rd of Hapjeong Station.

Please see my detailed TripAdvisor review here.

If you’re up for something after this visit, do not be worried about smelling like dogs as the place is kept clean. They also have a lint remover roller that you can use upon exit if you feel bothered by those pet hair.

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