[Kota Kinabalu] ~ Around Town in Half-Day

A town so small everything was walkable. – 08.22.14


It was a day of a must in every trip – hours of feet abuse (yes, even in countries with unforgiving heat). What was different with this town is how I found myself in one charmingly small one it amused me that I unintentionally was at places I set out to see. There was too many “oh there it is” moments from that graffiti building to that clock tower to those markets, food plazas and drink places. Also, for someone with a terrible sense of direction (if any), it was another relief that as long as I know where the sea is (and the sea in its bigness, is quite a landmark, right?) – there is always a place to go back to whenever I find myself lost somewhere.

KK Day 1

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[Siem Reap] ~ Temple Hop and World Gone Shut on Day that’s Last

For it was both a day of rush and slow motion. –04.20.14


Siem Reap 2

It was a day when I was supposed to go visit what they say one should not miss when visiting Siem Reap – the Angkor Archaeological Park. It is solely for this reason that I decided to give this a go because having gone to temple grounds in some previous country visits, I realized that my heart belongs little to such compared to aimless wandering and ‘immersing’ myself in the mundane and ordinary. I was mainly prepared to tons of unwanted walking, water loss and crowd but had unexpected appreciation of this touristy attraction. A day I thought would be all-rush also ended with quite too much chill in the afternoon. Thanks to that happy (or since I already tried one the previous day, happier) pizza. Well, it was 420 Day after all.

I always say that my last day in every trip involves some kind of heartbreak as it most of time felt like breaking up with someone you had a hell-of-a-ride passionate short-lived affair with. Strangely for this trip, tourist busy-ness at such early time of day and grogginess a few hours before end of day that ‘saved’ me from that heartbreak.

P.S. And forgive the title. Seriously, there has to be some rhyme?

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