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[Kota Kinabalu] : Town just got smaller on last day

A despedida that includes going up, down and around entire town. – 08.25.14


In my lens, town literally got smaller as I took that early morning walk up the hill to see the city from what is supposedly its one highest point that gave view to an interesting mix of trees, buildings, sea and those many streets I have walked. This view came with realization that I am never going to like hiking as a few steps was all it took for me to make me feel really tired and than when going down the hill, an elderly lady proved an even more brisk walker.

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[Kota Kinabalu] : Not Your Typical Sunday

For misadventures on what could be an easy Sunday are not necessarily a bad thing. – 08.24.14


KK Day 3

My second to last day in Kota Kinabalu far from chill and easy but quite an adventure. It started early from being at the Gaya Sunday Market while the booths were being set-up until some waiting time at the bus stop which turned out longer than the actual Ruhma Terbalik upside down house tour. An unanticipation of the ease in transportation from the house back to the center made me go local, riding a van destination of which unknown to me. Such traumatic bus rides then led to me finally giving up on possibility of a commute to see monkeys somewhere not too faraway (Lok Kawi Wildlife Park)  in the afternoon. Highlight would have to be when I crossed the street across my hostel (Borneo Backpackersbarefoot as it was raining hard.

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[Kota Kinabalu] ~ From Sun-Up to Sundown

For that day was my first with a foreign sea. –08.23.14


KK Day 2

Though I cannot swim, beach and I have this relationship that only in its presence do I find the calm, some kind ‘it’s-ok-to-pause-from-life’ reassuring hug (wow, someone’s in romantic tone of writing haha). So when I listed down my to-do’s this year, going to one in another country inevitably there. It was not thoughtful but ended in one in Kota Kinabalu – one that is touristy but accessible and not so pricey for a solo traveler.

Not bad for a first time at a foreign sea, followed by a romantically thrilling glimpse of an intense sunset and a surprise find of a Murakami book, this 23rd of August turned out one hell of a day.

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[Kota Kinabalu] ~ Around Town in Half-Day

A town so small everything was walkable. – 08.22.14


It was a day of a must in every trip – hours of feet abuse (yes, even in countries with unforgiving heat). What was different with this town is how I found myself in one charmingly small one it amused me that I unintentionally was at places I set out to see. There was too many “oh there it is” moments from that graffiti building to that clock tower to those markets, food plazas and drink places. Also, for someone with a terrible sense of direction (if any), it was another relief that as long as I know where the sea is (and the sea in its bigness, is quite a landmark, right?) – there is always a place to go back to whenever I find myself lost somewhere.

KK Day 1

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