[Kota Kinabalu] : Town just got smaller on last day

A despedida that includes going up, down and around entire town. – 08.25.14


In my lens, town literally got smaller as I took that early morning walk up the hill to see the city from what is supposedly its one highest point that gave view to an interesting mix of trees, buildings, sea and those many streets I have walked. This view came with realization that I am never going to like hiking as a few steps was all it took for me to make me feel really tired and than when going down the hill, an elderly lady proved an even more brisk walker.


‘Door’ to early morning walk



250 meters, let’s go! I remember counting the steps but I don’t think I recorded it somewhere. I must have lost track somewhere



Never mind my ugly feet.



That version of sunrise



150 meters to go! (I say as if I can imagine how far that is :D)



Down we go



A sad stall at an early time of day.



Road that leads to somewhere I no longer know



Am pretty sure I took this photo to get reminded of the name of the place



Streets I may have walked, buildings I have passed by






That mall in front of the graffiti building



I wonder what those flags together symbolize



Oh you brisk walker you.


Once down the hill, I pursued a kill-time walk around nearby streets led to discovery how place is even smaller than I initially imagined (and quite explored) – as places I had ‘trouble’ going back to on previous days turned out in just one lane that just cuts across certain side streets. Maybe it was clearer to see all this when there are less moving objects – both inanimate and alive – distracting me. IMG_0695

Where I had my fill the previous day



Oh this street



 And yesterday, have been looking for this building


20140825_072524 20140825_072631

Attempts at panoramic shot by the bay near the Marlin Statue


Without the sunset, again those gloomy blues and grays


When I felt quite hungry, I found reason to satisfy craving for KFC chicken but ended up getting their porridge, only because I thought it was unique yet closely Filipino. Such food unfortunately caused some discomfort that I was back at hostel to rest a bit and try to salvage my yet my worst packing which I blame on my unthoughtful purchase of stuff – most bulky ones! Nonetheless, proud of how I managed to safely secure those two alcohol bottles with some newspaper wrapping and ‘strategic’ placement wherever in my luggage. IMG_0708

That culprit congee



Resisted temptation to try this too



Again another photo to remind me of my hostel’s address



People-empty common area at that time of day



But not so empty kitchen, huh?



Evidence from previous day’s rain



(insert own caption here)



Because we have Tanduay in Manila



Those bottles, I carefully packed





Rest of hours spent at the airport which seemed like a domestic one with its set-up and even the stalls. Had my last curious taste of that ice treat which caught attention of this little girl who was temporarily fond of me. IMG_0732

Must use that beach bag for extras now



To give you a feel of the airport



What gadgets do



Potong = ice cream?


IMG_0749 IMG_0750

This kiddo


This ‘officially’ ends my last trip in Kota Kinabalu and while I have seen most of the web-written areas, there is still reason to come back to explore the less known.

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