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[Manila, Philippines] ~ Wolf and Bear Cafe

For someone like me who couldn’t take care of a pet dog – because of studio regulation and space limitations as well as my inability to commit to take care, I find my temporary refuge in pet cafes.

My first experience was an accidental one in Korea a few years back – in a place called Bau House. Despite dogs’ general dislike for me, it was such a memorable experience that I did it again – luckily without having to go back abroad as Manila has been catching on the fun of having dog and cat cafes. My most recent visit is to a joint pet cafe of dogs and Bengal cats – a place I discovered as it is near my favorite beer place in Cubao Expo.

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[Katipunan, Quezon City] ~ Much barking and playing at Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

 An enjoyable afternoon of play that is far from chill — 05.25.15


It was another time at a dog cafe (first was in Seoul – also my first animal cafe experience)  one Sunday afternoon. A cafe I have heard of months ago since it opened late in 2014, it was only then that I finally had time to go see what is first in the Philippines.

BARKIN’ BLENDS DOG CAFE is located in a university area – one that is close to my heart as I used to be spending my days there when I was in college. Having said that, apart from spending time with the dogs, I was extra excited with having to visit something familiar.

The cafe opens at 12noon and since it is on a first come, first serve basis, I tried to be one of the earliest birds. One as when I came, there were already some guests. The area is divided into Humans Only and Dogs  Zones, quite expectedly I spent most of the time in the latter.

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[Seoul] ~ Dog Cafe? Check!

People strangers are fascinating, so are dogs.. – 10.24.14


Dog Cafe

I promised myself I would go back to South Korea to see it on its every season so by October last year, I was back for my autumn visit. I had only half a day on the first so I did not have anything solid to-do in mind. It turned out to be a fun day with a first visit to a café where over beer spent slightly more than an hour watching dogs laze, pee and join the mob toward guests with food to share. Only one in many was friendly to me that I got so excited I took quite more than enough ‘selfies’ and even had some courage to ask a fellow guest take a picture of us.

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