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[Philippines] ~ Cebu in Beach and Camp at Basdaku, Moalboal

A trip with a lot uncaptured

>>>> 07.25-26.15


From bar-hopping in the city to this weekend of finding my spot in a no-shade beach and taking this impulsive decision to snorkel that day – an experience uncaptured but for this trip was when I was happiest.

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[Philippines] ~ Cebu in City, 07.23-24.15

One need not go very far to explore as much

>>>>>  07.23-24.15

Not my first time in Cebu City but it was first for me to ‘explore’ the city solo. I decided to spend it then walking around in search of a place for beer and music, which fortunately led to discovery of one which reminded me of one of my favorite places for gig in Manila.  Add to this impulsive dash to experience Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency.

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Samal Island in a Day, 07.05.15

Seeing many place – 07.05.15


Samal Island

A Sunday and my last day for that Davao trip (first days spent in the city and in Isla Reta) was spent at more accessible SAMAL ISLAND where on a hired “habal-habal” (motorcycle taxi), I hopped to see millions of blind-in-the-morning creatures at MONFORT BAT SANCTUARY, see some giant clams at TAKLOBO ISLAND IN BARANGAY ADECOR before joining families on a picnic at HAGIMIT FALLS. 

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Hops around City and Neighbor Islands in Davao (Isla Reta, Talicud)

 There is grateful in seeing Davao in city and beaches –  07.02-04.15


This trip to Davao filled with days of walking around the city looking for places to drink some beer followed by a weekend of passengers boats to get to islands of Talicud and Samal.

At Isla Reta in Talicud, I was surprised to be renting a tent that looks exactly my own and as usual spent most of time on water despite constant fear that its unpredictable (and rocky) bed could do harm.

Click more to for stories and snapshots!

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Fun with the Perfect Cone

For there are always surprisingly good surprises before goodbye.


This Albay city tour was not in Pop’s rough itinerary for this trip but since we felt we could squeeze in an activity before our 2PM trip back home, we decided it was a go for this one. First half of that day then spent at Five Views where there is view of peaks of the most famous Mayon Volcano as well as mountains of Malinao,  Masaraga, Iriga and Isarog, Lignon Hill where there is yet another view of Mayon as well as city of Legazpi, at postcard-famous Cagsawa Ruins then finally at its replica church in Daraga. 

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Family Weekend Celebration of Many, 06.12-13.15

Our so many things to celebrate on this island. – 06.12-13.15



Our tradition mid-year family trip is this time extra special in celebration of many – 30 years of Mother Goose and Pop, Pop’s day as a father and someone a year older (:D). With no particular itinerary, it was a weekend we managed to fill with tummy fill with that yummy buffet and room service meals, fun at the pool, long naps and meals at the comfort of our villa, singing while waiting for the rain to stop, standing not-so-tall in that amphitheater, that encounter with the staring lapu-lapu and other activities at sea. Continue reading Family Weekend Celebration of Many, 06.12-13.15

[Baguio] ~ An Impulse Visit to City of Cold

Because I needed a breather from the heat, the city and everything else. – 05.31.15


BAGUIO has a special place in my heart as it is where my parents had their honeymoon and to date, it still remains my mother’s favorite place that she likes spending her birthday every year in this so called City of Pines.

For this year though, an unexpected passenger crowd made me miss what could have been a weekend with the family.  I had too much trust then at the bus line after having watched this film called That Thing Called Tadhana in which lead characters impulsively went to Baguio which since then has been popularized as the place where broken hearts go.


I indeed have a broken heart when I went there for this trip. Without going into detail (I shall keep that to my other virtual space :/), this trip was a temporary escape from the monotony I was feeling around that time and from some unwanted feelings after a bad fight. Craving some crazy, I went straight to the city after some beer at my favorite watering hole. With only the essentials (including a light sweater of course), I found myself on a window seat on a bus – all hopeful to  find my piece of peace, if only for a day.

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[Katipunan, Quezon City] ~ Much barking and playing at Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

 An enjoyable afternoon of play that is far from chill — 05.25.15


It was another time at a dog cafe (first was in Seoul – also my first animal cafe experience)  one Sunday afternoon. A cafe I have heard of months ago since it opened late in 2014, it was only then that I finally had time to go see what is first in the Philippines.

BARKIN’ BLENDS DOG CAFE is located in a university area – one that is close to my heart as I used to be spending my days there when I was in college. Having said that, apart from spending time with the dogs, I was extra excited with having to visit something familiar.

The cafe opens at 12noon and since it is on a first come, first serve basis, I tried to be one of the earliest birds. One as when I came, there were already some guests. The area is divided into Humans Only and Dogs  Zones, quite expectedly I spent most of the time in the latter.

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[Bulubadiangan Island, Concepcion] ~ Camp on a Sandbar Island

A first to kill every time of day in a sandbar island – 05.02-03.15



Having spent the previous night in ILOILO CITY, took an early commute trip to CONCEPCION TOWN where I was suddenly an adopted member of family of four who I had to share boat with. (I was prepared for a thousand-peso damage with a solo boat ride to the sandbar but the helpful tourist office managed to score me a ride with other guests to island).

I was at the sandbar midday and from then on walked around finding good spots for sitting and ‘swimming’. When tide was low, I was given a treat of a resident little tour guide walking me through anything exposed with no water on, and quite forcibly encouraging me to play with their dogs whose version of play is quite brutal and involves biting, which was their kind of play as he said so. It was then time for sunset and hours of sleep so near the sea.

In the morning had an attempt to read but ended up finishing only one story, randomly picked one that involved boxing (timely for Pacman’s fight that day). Remaining hours in BULUBADIANGAN spent on the shifting sandbar –  called such because it apparently shifts depending on wind direction –  which finally, I was able to have by myself.

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