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[Puerto Princesa] ~ From Wonder to Wander

For wonderful nature has its acts we have no control over. Let’s just wander in thought. – 06.22.13



For this entry, it is mostly words. But stories I find fascinating.

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[Puerto Princesa] ~ Experiencing the city and KaLui

“Spontaneous takes the rainy blues away.” – 06.21.13


It has been a tradition of my family to go out-of-town, typically twice a year.  We usually do it on March and June – during birthday months of my parents. Unfortunately though, we were not able to go on a vacation earlier this year because we failed to anticipate this year’s Holy Week which was unusually early. And with Holy Week being one of the biggest holidays here in the Philippines, one has to plan really early or else be disappointed with no available (if not very expensive) airfare and accommodation.

Luckily though, we were able to push through this June after my father’s impulsive decision to go to Palawan, primarily to see the Underground River which was recently awarded as one of Seven Wonders of Nature.

puerto smallPUERTO PRINCESA has always been one of the places in my country that I would love to visit. I started to feel curious about this as early as elementary days when a classmate who went there for a school camping shared to me how clean the city was. That stuck to me for some reason and of course, I got more curious when it was famed for the underground river.

Puerto Princesa Day 1


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