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[Zambales] ~ About love of beach, beer and buddy in San Felipe

For it was a weekend  of  my favorite whats and who. — 02.22-23.14


IMG_9629It was supposed to be a trip with someone with an odd trip – we go to same place but not really be together. In our words, a “walang pakialamanan” (we-shall-not-care-about-each-other) weekend. It was a bit of a crazy idea but I guess as we are both ‘beach-tune-out’ persons, we were at that time just a little bit possessive and ungenerous of our sanctuaries we did not want anyone to invade it. Little did I know that what sounded like an unsound plan had a more surprising insane ending.

San Felipe

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[Zambales] ~ 1,647 Steps around Potipot Island

Time is a measure, so are steps. – 01.31-02.01.14


I knew I could not forgive myself if I let the first long weekend of 2014 without going anywhere. Potipot was an impulsive decision but it was the perfect kick-off to a year of wander.


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[Dumaguete] ~ The Day We Say Goodbye

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.19.13


For I always say that being on your last day on every trip feels like being in a relationship that you can sense is about to end. Heartbreaking, yes. But somehow, you just have to make the most out of it.

Day 3 Collage

And in case of Dumaguete, here is how.


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[Dumaguete] ~ Love is sweeter the second day around

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.18.13


Though tired and bruised, I remember waking up to a beautiful morning. My friend was still sound asleep when I woke up so I first decided to check my favorite view from the terrace. As of the previous day, that second day was supposed to be when we visit Siquijor. But realizing the pain our butts were feeling from the intense habal-habal ride, my friend and I decided to postpone it to next trip. We just agreed that it was food trip and a visit to that not-so-know hot spring my friend just googled on the Internet that day. Yes. We are planners and breakers like that.

DGT Day 2

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[Dumaguete] ~ Love at First Day

In your quiet and simplicity, what is not to love, Dumaguete? – 08.17.13


It was one of those trips that just came to me one night when I was drinking at home and texted a friend inviting her to go out but she said they were having some chill time in Dumaguete. I got reminded. It is not one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Philippines but I remember hearing lovely things about the place – like how there is some good nightlife and music scene in that quiet, little town.

It was indeed a quiet, little town – a lovable quiet, little town. And here let me share about that first sight.

Dumaguete 1 Summary

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[Manila] ~ Stories at this year’s Cinemalaya

For we each have a story to tell. — 07.27.13


Being a fan of films that are Filipino, this independent film festival is one of the things I always look forward to every year. Although I feel it is becoming more and more mainstream each year, I could not deny the fact that this event still draws me in.

I vividly remember last year when I was so sick (and I rarely get sick!) and yet I chose to drag myself out of bed despite my weakly state and unfriendly rainy weather just to watch Ang Nawawala. Fast forward to today and I was not sick but I dared to do movie marathon by getting a Day Pass to see maximum of five films one fine Saturday. First screening at 10 in the morning is a collection of New Breed short films. I came with a friend and it was matter of decision between Shorts A or B and we chose B. She came in a lot so we had to take different seats. What followed were full-length features until around 11PM.

The filmmakers’ intent could well be different but here I shall spill some own thoughts on almost all entries I have seen.


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[Manila] ~ A Midsummer Night’s Reunion

The summer night skies are peppered with stars, distant and unreachable; a characteristic that leads strength  to its dreamlike quality. In the same sense, the artworks presented here in this exhibit are in many ways dreamlike, almost illusory. These works by noted artists are  identified with that luster – invisible to many, but present nonetheless. – A Midsummer Night’s Reunion


I am no art expert but I am fond of visiting exhibits whenever I come across one that seems interesting. A recent one I visited was the contemporary art exhibit in Korean Cultural Center in Manila. Entitled A Midsummer Night’s Reunion, on display are few but somewhat interesting works by Filipino and Korean artists.

ImageExhibit runs from May 17 – July 31, 2013

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[Puerto Princesa] We finally met, Underground River!

It could be the darkness amidst what is million years older than I am, the chirping swallow birds that is music to my ears or the calm as it felt like it was drizzling, but it was nice meeting you and see you again. – 06.23.13


Having come from a cancelled trip the previous day, our third and last day in Puerto Princesa took on the trip’s highlight – the Underground River tour. Recently labelled as one of Seven Wonders of Nature, our visit that day made me realize why it lives up to such title.

underground river


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[Puerto Princesa] ~ Experiencing the city and KaLui

“Spontaneous takes the rainy blues away.” – 06.21.13


It has been a tradition of my family to go out-of-town, typically twice a year.  We usually do it on March and June – during birthday months of my parents. Unfortunately though, we were not able to go on a vacation earlier this year because we failed to anticipate this year’s Holy Week which was unusually early. And with Holy Week being one of the biggest holidays here in the Philippines, one has to plan really early or else be disappointed with no available (if not very expensive) airfare and accommodation.

Luckily though, we were able to push through this June after my father’s impulsive decision to go to Palawan, primarily to see the Underground River which was recently awarded as one of Seven Wonders of Nature.

puerto smallPUERTO PRINCESA has always been one of the places in my country that I would love to visit. I started to feel curious about this as early as elementary days when a classmate who went there for a school camping shared to me how clean the city was. That stuck to me for some reason and of course, I got more curious when it was famed for the underground river.

Puerto Princesa Day 1


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