[Malaysia] ~ Spending the Night in KL

A night of dining in complete darkness and of watching people dine in vibrant market chaos.  – 11.14.15

A trip I made timed with APEC weekend, first day spent primarily on travel, arriving in the city at night with just the right amount of time to drop off my luggage at my hostel, have this love-at-first-sight ride at what I call the ‘rollercoaster monorail’ before making  it exactly on time for my reservation to one of things I was most excited for in this trip – a first to dine in the dark. What followed was some walking around the feast in food street JALAN ALOR in Bukit Bintang.


20151114_195031 20151114_195204

20151114_200004 20151114_213953

20151114_214224 20151114_214603

20151114_215702 20151114_215805

20151114_220114 20151114_220458

20151114_220528 20151114_220653

20151114_220820 20151114_220945

20151114_220952 20151114_221114

20151114_221300 20151114_221852

20151114_222644 20151115_065013

20151115_065023 20151115_065032

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