[Malaysia]~ A Day in KL (Quiet and Otherwise)

A morning of quiet and after noon, one of chaos – 11.15.15

After spending a night dining in the dark and diner-seeing in KL, following day was spent visiting TITIWANGSA PARK where a scene from a favorite local film was shot. Unfortunately unable to find such but after minutes of sweat was able to find a decent spot with a view of the Petronas, KL/Menara Tower and Istana Budaya (which to me is version of Sydney’s Opera House). Prior to 4PM trip to Penang were failed visits to some city landmarks that were either under construction or closed due to some event before that who-cares-about-this-heavy-backpack windowshopping at PETALING STREET.

Titiwangsa Park


My visit to this park was inspired by knowing that it was a location shoot of a favorite local movie called Miss You Like Crazy starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

Park-slash-garden reachable via Titiwangsa Station of the monorail – one that is a little farther than the busier stations (the last stop even). I had trouble finding the park as I expected it to be a short walk. I ended up walking roughly for half an hour on a sidewalk beside a highway – which made the walk rather scary. Through the help of a friendly stranger on my way back, I would learn a shortcut via a parking lot). 


Early morning fun colors at the monorail



And a grab at my Coke Zero, of course



On my way to the park, I was curious because this parking lot looked oddly placed. Realized later on why so


I was looking for a particular spot where a scene was shot – a park bench from which according to the characters there is a perfect view of the Petronas Towers. Sadly, I couldn’t find it after minutes of walking and while I could have pushed further, I was in no shape that morning for some reason. It became then more of a hunt for a place to sit down to rest while enjoying some view. I found a bench which then had this of the twin towers as well as the KL Tower and an arts and cultural building that reminded me of the Sydney Opera House. There was a bunch of other buildings but upon closer look, those three are there.

While it offers view of landmarks, what I like about the park is that it is more local than touristy. That particular early morning, most people were exercising or walking / running the track – a concrete one circling a large body of water with towering fountains and a view of the cityscape. Benches were scattered for tired feet. Judging from the occasional trash, these benches probably were venues for some party the previous night. The park has other leisure amenities which I assume become popular come midday. 


That building in construction in the background though



Some breakfast zumba

20151115_081145‘Fancy’ tunnel



Boy, this park is big






They were running and I was the one who got tired


20151115_083454 20151115_083756

GOPR1679_1450391350238_high GOPR1680_1450391350238_high

Spot my shadow 



… and an actual I


When I had enough rest and it started to feel hot, I decided to walk my back to the station. I had to put on some thought where to exit otherwise I would end up getting lost and losing all the energy I regained a while back. Lucky for me I remembered a distinct landmark when I entered that I did not get lost. Getting to the exit that is. AS to which direction to take to the station though, I had to ask. It was a significant bonus though that I managed to ask the right person as he is also on his way to the station. Friendly stranger was young and looks like a student because he was wearing a backpack and some PE uniform. He was awkwardly quiet – no small talk. I just trailed him as he walked.

I had my moments of hesitation specifically when we would go through some shortcuts. I trusted him, and my instinct too. Thank goodness I was right.


I may never see him again but I hope life becomes good to this guy



This was one moment of hesitation



Came out in here and this led to the car park I passed by earlier on my way to the park



Before I knew it, I was back



Totally random 😛 Just getting some air at the station


I still had a lot of time before train to Penang in the late afternoon but I had to check out from my hostel. (I couldn’t remember why I didn’t explore the option of leaving my bag at the counter but I ended up with my backpack walking around Petaling Street.)

Prior to that, I had some time to sites within the city. Unfortunately, most of these sites were either closed or under construction. I then walked aimlessly  which led me to this plaza, some stalls at Kasturi Walk and some street food stalls.


Am not sure whether this is some sort of landmark but I thought it was lovely structure



From the station is this bank and graffiti



Most look ‘safe’ but couldn’t figure out what is so I chose —



… nuggets! (and heart-shaped ones at that!) 



My kind of bags at a Kasturi Walk stall



Entrance to the walk





Lovely roof 



This strip is KL’s Chinatown packed with stalls selling all kinds of souvenir and restaurants serving local food. As such, this place is usually crowded by locals and tourists alike.

As for me, I first visited this place in 2008 or 09 but I remember being there really early that most of the stalls were still closed and aside from some shopping, all I had was a photo by the gate.

For this visit, I was one odd tourist walking back and forth the stalls while wearing my really heavy backpack. At some point, it started to drizzle which I took as sign that it’s time to settle someplace to kill time.


On latter part of afternoon killed time in this bar I saw while on the way to the market street






So after a while, I had to time even my then-short hair because it was humid




Adding more cute to your bouquet


That Reggae Bar

That someplace is this reggae bar where I would grab some beer. Following strictly my personal rule to not drink more than one bottle in a place, I had one then went to the Central Station for my train to Penang.


Phrases from their menu consistent with their reggae theme



No beer that can be called ‘local’ here so I got myself a Carlsberg



On my right




KL was not meant to be destination but I am grateful for what it was filled with.


Titiwangsa Park is accessible via Titiwangsa Station on the monorail. On the right side, walk back towards rail for about 30 minutes

Petaling Street is within walking distance from Pasar Seni LRT Station.