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[Penang, Malaysia] ~ Where Dirty Walls are Neat

For it was a fine morning discovering expressions on the everyday – 11.15.16

While presence of steel rod sculptures within George Town came as a surprise, I knew about its most popular street murals prior to the trip. However, I didn’t expect such to be as many that discoveries happen of known (and unknown) ones happen randomly. Reliving that morning walk from more than a year later, I still could feel the amusement yet know with some tinge of sadness at the thought that in more years, these pieces could fade (or even disappear). Well, there’s sadness and that itch to go back.

What follows is a series of photos as my attempt at a virtual ‘walk-through’ with details on location and some personal notes (despite – of course – how one beauty of works like these is that ‘they’ are meant to speak to different people differently).

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(Less than Fifty) Shades of US

Days of literally state-hopping. – 06.15-07.03.16

I’ve had the chance to visit US mid this year – spending a day or three in each state. It was not a leisure trip but I squeezed in some fun discovering vibe within my very brief visits to each of them.

This entry them compiles memories of visual treats and encounters of crazy and chaos in San Francisco, Texas, New York and Chicago.

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