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[Bangkok] ~ Night has its pulse

For in the twin streets of Khao San and Rambuttri, night has its pulse. – 10.19-20.13


IMG_8700One of the reasons why I chose an accommodation in Khao San is its proximity to one of the things I could never let myself fail to do in a foreign country – grab a beer. And my previous months’ research led to the streets of Khao San and its named ‘tame’ sister Rambuttri. So during my only two nights in Bangkok, I did some drinking (take note : drinking, not drunking). There is however much more in these sibling streets – one could soak not only in alcohol but in those strips’ everything – food (and different kinds at that!), clothes, places to stay, (fake) certificates, Internet cafes, books, Thai massage, CDs, colorful lamps and just everything else, well, under the moon.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 6.12.27 PM


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