[Bangkok] ~ Night has its pulse

For in the twin streets of Khao San and Rambuttri, night has its pulse. – 10.19-20.13


IMG_8700One of the reasons why I chose an accommodation in Khao San is its proximity to one of the things I could never let myself fail to do in a foreign country – grab a beer. And my previous months’ research led to the streets of Khao San and its named ‘tame’ sister Rambuttri. So during my only two nights in Bangkok, I did some drinking (take note : drinking, not drunking). There is however much more in these sibling streets – one could soak not only in alcohol but in those strips’ everything – food (and different kinds at that!), clothes, places to stay, (fake) certificates, Internet cafes, books, Thai massage, CDs, colorful lamps and just everything else, well, under the moon.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 6.12.27 PM


IMG_8700First night: Just try those beers, baby. In the same way that it took me some time and tons of ‘systematic’ walking before I finally decide which bar to drink in in Hongdae, it took me two rounds of spotting in this strip called Rambuttri before finally choosing a place to drink. I decided to explore this place first before Khao San because I had this impression that this adjacent strip is more friendly to solo drinkers.

I chose one that seemed friendly and it turned out it was a bar of an inn called Star Dome. ‘Process’ went like this – order beer first in the counter inside, pay as you get beer and find a seat. In my case, I chose one that is near and facing the street so I can people-watch. Then I spent some time writing about my day and ‘planning’ the next as I quietly sip my beer (a Thai beer called Chang) which by the way is nowhere near the flavor of my favorite Red Horse. It is bland (if that term is ever used to describe beer) but so they say, “when in Thailand, drink what the Thais drink.” Okay, I invented that.

Some quick gulps and I started wondering what is such beer’s alcohol content so I was checking the label when this guy from nowhere told me “it’s 5% alcohol content”. I was freaked out of course. I later on realized he was one of the waiters. Still, it was creepy how he was watching customers and randomly giving out comments like that.

Because it was not my intention to get drunk, I decided to leave the place after my first 500ml and started roaming again. The place got a bit busier – with more people and with more food carts everywhere. I was searching for those Volkswagen-turned-mobile bars I have read online but with no success (Woot. Googled it just now and so those were not in Khao San or Rambuttri but in Sukhumvit).


A peak at Rambuttri before nighttime falls


Star Dome

Where I had my first bottle of beer. And oh I love those 2 kid sculptures seemingly staring at me while I was drinking.



Yes, I just paid 10 baht. I was too chicken to try any. 


Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 6.12.55 PM

I just could not imagine myself eating these creatures. I can imagine those feet or whatever getting stuck somewhere. Ugh.



And worms and bugs too.


Discovered this short alley that connects Rambuttri and Khao San. Off I was again in some walking, people-watching – and yes, there were people holding bottles of beer at that. I love that place. It kind of reminded me of Cubao Expo, a place here in Manila where people drink beer while sitting on the gutter / islands.


And woo, some Japanese characters in the massage signage. 



Some of the food stalls in Khao San



Reminded me of Recto in Manila! 



Heaps of pad thai



Hmm suited for minors? Or people with no ID cards?



Got giddy! Fangirl moment. Was supposed to buy one but there was something odd with the way that pages were printed (maybe these were pirated? Hmm have never heard of pirated books though. Looking back, I should have really bought one! Pirated or original)



I looovee statement shirts. 



Rhum (Sangsom) and vodka by the bucket. “Ooh! BUCKET WOW!!” really! 


Was about to see adjacent Rambuttri again but saw that there was a sort of an extension of that same road on the opposite side. Decided to go there then and was surprised to see an equally interesting street.


I could not imagine how to make a single pattern turn into different kinds of lamps but that was what the vendor explained to me. Didn’t buy because thought it was pricey haha



Tucked on the quieter end of Soi Rambuttri are these interesting bars. (Clockwise): A car turned bar – too bad that couple already found the spot. That could have been me; that ‘whatever goes’ one, and one that is quite ironically homey neat-Bohemian feel.


Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 6.12.40 PM

Where I had my second Thai beer Singha. Also the only one I spotted that has a bar. Kind of strange, that is. 



Story behind the necklace : I asked the vendor “what does this mean?”. He replied : “I don’t know. Not in Thai.”

I was like “howkeey. Haha”



Ghost tuktuk


IMG_8700Second and last night : Some reggae before I say goodbye. After waiting for that sunset that I was not patient to wait for (how confusing can that be!) by the Wat Arun pier (Tha Tien Pier), I went straight to Rambuttri for a few drinks before I bid goodbye to my Bangkok weekend. I was not able to try it on my first night and I did not know there could be a scene, but I was lucky to spot this place with a guy who sings reggae.  In English, of course. I was giddy and immediately found my spot.


The performer



On my left is this group of friends who even asked me to have their photo taken. I wonder how it turned out though. I suck at taking photos, especially of people!



On my left is this lovely lady I kind of had a crush on. Gay alert for me. 



And here’s a fellow drinker in front of me. 



Again, the hat lady.



Time to go now. Oh man, I wish I could be you. 



Passed by this interesting tandem on my way back to the inn


IMG_8700I wish I could have more nights in Bangkok but I had fun during those limited too nonetheless. Though Hongdae in Seoul has its own vibe, these two strips in Bangkok are officially on my drinking spot number 1 as of today. So final words? I shall come back for you. Next time for some drunking. o.O

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