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[Osaka, Japan] ~ Dotonbori in Sundown

Because this is one kind of my favorite places- 10.02.15

When I decide where to stay in every place away from home, I always look for its proximity to places that live up to when it’s night. Chances are because when it is day, I can do all visits to ‘the destinations’ but I always long to have this place where I can walk aimlessly when all those are ‘sleeping’. There’s Hongdae in Seoul, Pub Street in Siem Reap,  Beer Street in Ho Chi Minh and Khao San in Bangkok and then there’s DOTONBORI in Osaka.


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[Osaka, Japan] ~ Dotonbori in Almost Sundown

An encounter with where Osaka’s food culture is squeezed in   – 10.02.15

As mentioned in my previous post, I hurried from Shinsekai to make sure I get to Dotonbori (apparently spelled as such but pronounced as Dotombori) before it gets dark – essentially because one, I wanted to see it compared to at night when it is known to be more alive; two – I wanted to try the so-called TONBORI RIVER CRUISE (which was included in the pass I got for the train and touristy places).


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