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[Palawan, Philippines] ~ Seeking El Nido’s Hidden Beaches

Playing hide-and-seek on my second day – 08.30.15

Five-hour trip from Puerto Princesa got me to this small town where I spent my first day just the usual walking around and immediately falling in love with realization that dogs were everywhere. Caught the sunset at MARIMEGMEG BEACH over beer and new camera ‘test-drive’ on day. Full day the following day spent on Tour C which I chose for its promise of hop within hidden beaches called HELICOPTER ISLAND,  (well) HIDDEN BEACH, that beach with name I did not catch but has the loveliest water and most beloved seclusion andSECRET BEACH which inspired Alex Garland’s The Beach. Last half day was this sudden detour to swim NACPAN’s gentle waves and see from a hill its twin CALITANG. 



Let’s take you to that tour C, shall we?

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