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Kyoto, Japan : Chaos in Orange at Fushimi Inari Shrine

It’s happy when everything works out as planned. But that doesn’t make it not possible otherwise. -10.05.15


Kyoto was a fail for I never anticipated the bus rides which apparently are the only best for me to get around the places I have marked to see. It was a day of wrong decisions – from the wrong choice of transport card to chaos at the FUSHIMI INARI SHRINE with peak I failed to reach because I spent extra energy someplace I wrongly thought was a shortcut. Yet despite failure to pass through all thousands of toriis or gates, the idea of each being built as sign of gratefulness for wishes granted was enough to compensate for all the burned calories worth it – not just from all the walking but also from the mental ‘strategy’ needed to get a capture of bunch of toriis with no single soul in sight (which I luckily was able to do once).
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