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[Seoul] ~ Experiencing the everyday

While famous tourist places and activities are great, nothing beats being able to experience the everyday. – 03.23.13


20130327_180031-smallMy next destination is Seoul Station as I meant to check out the old Seoul Station. In stark contrast with Hangangjin Station’s quiet is Seoul Station‘s busy-ness.

Crowded Seoul Station

Hangangjin versus Seoul Station. Sure, stations are usually crowded but in Seoul Station, it was my first to ride an escalator that was that full.


One thing I realized from this trip is how what is most interesting about places is not what you see but the unique feeling that the place gives you because of what you see, hear and/or even smell. In this station, I felt like I was at the center of a typical everyday among the locals. It is quite difficult to explain but maybe because it doesn’t try to be clean, cultural or fun for the tourists – it just simply is. That is, crowded, there are side stalls which I didn’t see in the other stations (this kind of reminded me of Manila). There are also homeless guys – a lot of them actually especially in the plaza across the old station.



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